Friday, October 17, 2014

October 2014

I am soooooo sorry for not being on here sooner. But home lappy is still down. Life has just gotten in the way of things *snickers*

     Well lets see what I have been up to over the last several months. Buried my daughter. My wolf and I are doing quite good now even with the tragedy. We have added a new pack memeber to our den. So we've been getting shit over it all from my family and people who want to keep the drama going, you know. I have also come out of the 'closet' so to speak with the help of my new pack mate ;). She is a wonderful person. She's funny, sexy and I love her completely among many other things. My wolf and I are truly blessed to have this person in our lives, home and of course *grins wickedly*. I have also been dealing with a lot of issues that I hadn't resolved until now. Even some that I have fully forgotten about. Now most of you know that I'm a very private person. For the most part I am but I have acknowledged that I am truly a bi-sexual person and I am soooooo enjoying it.

     I have had to hide who I truly am because of my family (mostly my grandparents) and it took our newest and special pack member to bring it out in me and I'm accepting it. I just now need to make the rest of the world understand it (if that is even possible). I know most of you would *especially our resident Demon...winks* There is one thing you all should know about me. I have never judged a person by anything without getting to know them completely first. That is how I was raised and how I have brought my own children up. There are too many people in this world who do judge a person by their sexual preference, race, etchnic backgrounds and so forth. But no one has the right to do so. As my wife and pack mate puts it 'You can not call me a bitch until you have known me for 3 months. After that then you can call me a bitch.'

     I love both my wolf and my wife. She has completed our lives in so many ways that I couldn't have dreamed was possible. We are given one soul mate if we are lucky enough to find that person but to be given two in the same lifetime is truly amazing and a true blessing. Love  me, hate me, but you will respect me and anyone else on this wonderful site. Love you all with all my heart *hugs everyone tight* Will try to continue on as Demon would want me too *smiles happily* Someone please message me here about information on our friend. I do worry about him!!