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The Art of Breaking - Part 26

For the first time in months, Nikolas had at least the illusion of privacy here at the club. The only sounds and smells he’d have to endure were his or his chosen sub for a few hours. It was a minuscule improvement in the grotesque melodrama his life had become, and he was grateful for it.
Here, he thought he wouldn’t have to guard himself so rigidly against the emotions that kept sweeping over him. Nikolas looked down at the gorgeous man with the black hair and…was that a purple streak? smiling up at him expectantly with lips begging to be kissed. Nikolas had to admit that the eyes staring at him were captivating, a bright brown with flecks of green, lined with color. Was the liner purple too?  Nikolas was partially stunned, but captivated by the younger man. He could get lost in… All that just changed in a split second. He was already lost.
Peering up at him through the dark shagged bangs that covered his eyes, Kyler brushed a few stray strands from his face. "It seems we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Kyler. And you are?" He reached up, hand open, for a handshake.
Nikolas, avoiding his outstretched hand, just stared. "Not, your Master,” he replied with a mild amusement that failed to disguise his distrust of this farce.
“Your eyes are like precious green emeralds full of suspicion.”
“Do what?” He backed away a bit when the black haired guy, or was it really black, Nikolas couldn’t be sure, began laughing. Not a full out belly laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. No one laughed around him like this. What an odd little guy.
"Your name is Nikolas."
Nikolas nodded his head once in acknowledgement.
"So you see, Master Nikolas." Kyler motioned to him. "I’m Kyler." He motioned to himself. "Confusion over."
Looking around them, Nikolas’s eyes darted in different directions as he began scanning their surroundings. “I get it now…This is some fucked up joke and I’m on candid camera or is it that show: Punked?”
"I can assure you it’s neither. I doubt anyone's near dumb enough to trip over someone’s foot in this place other than me." He shrugged. The corner of his mouth tugged up, revealing a small dimple. Kyler moved his ankle and hissed. “Ouch, it hurts all the way up my leg. That was a stupid move.” 
Hands came to rest on Nikolas’s shoulders then snaked over broad shoulders to wrap around his neck from behind. He looked up with a jerk.
Stevie smiled down at him.
Nikolas started to stand, but the arms wouldn’t budge, then the other man’s chest pressed to his back, “Oooh my big, tough Master Nikolas. Don’t get up. It’s not every day I get to be on top. So, where have you been and how did you slip by the front desk without me seeing you?”
“Hello, Stevie. You knew I’d be here tonight.” Those well manicured and painted pink nails on him. Stevie wasn’t just the cream of the cream with flamboyance; he was the top of the crop. Long brown hair to his shoulders was brushed to a glossy shine. A cutoff tank top revealed a pierced belly button adorned with a diamond which sparkled like his witty charm, and was matched to the tightest little mini skirt this side of Toronto. The outfit was topped off with purple shiny leather boots, which rode high up to reach mid thigh. A nice little package, if that would have been Nikolas’s thing, but if he’d wanted a chick, he would have remained straight. Many women had proposed their intension over the years, but the sexual appeal just didn’t hold. He just didn’t swing that way. They are great to have as friends, but not as sexually long-term partners. But who was he trying to kid? He found this more than appealing on Kyler. The whole attire suited the guy and still left most of it to the imagination. He was doomed already.

The Art of Breaking - Part 25

“Look, Nikolas, I know you’re hurting, and I’m sorry, dear boy, but to take it out on everyone who’s trying to help you is not the answer.”
Nikolas gave Dominique a long, measuring look and then sighed. “I owe you my life on more than one occasion, Dominique, but for this one thing. I. Do. Not. Want company.” His voice was hard as flint. Until he was back on track, someone would hit close to home by targeting anyone close to him. Could it get any worse?
“You just want to mope and feel sorry for yourself, is that it?” His ex-Master said. He straightened and shook his head. “I don’t know why, boy, but when it comes to you I’m not sure whether to trust my own instincts. But I do know this one thing. You are not the man I knew.”
Nikolas fumed within, but he remained calm and cool as he turned back to face Ashton. “And you! I wish to be left alone. Doesn’t anyone get this? It would be best if you left. And do not bother coming again. I’m not much for this idle conversation right now.”
“Your attitude stinks, but that is just the same old you.” Hands held high, Ashton surrendered. “My work is done here. I’ll just leave you to attend to my friend. In lieu of fighting with you or listening to you spew lengthy lectures that you know I’m not going to listen to anyway, I’ll just be leaving.” Ashton shrugged his shoulders with a mischievous smirk plastered on his face. “I’ll call you, Kyler.” He winked down at his friend, walking out with fingers crossed. “Damn I sure hope I’m not making the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Hey what…but… U can’t just leave me here! Kyle sputtered.
It ripped into Nikolas’s gut to hear Ashton saying this to him. He had considered Ashton his most trusted ally in his team, a confidant. Trust was something that didn’t come easy. It was earned, not given freely.
“Excuuuse me!” the shorter man huffed. “Big guy! Yeah, you. Hurt man down here. Some undivided attention would be nice.”
Nikolas looked down at the young man and felt the nice brick wall he’d built around his heart long ago beginning to crack. The guy was actually pouting. His lower lip pushed out and everything. Jesus, even his eyes were sad.
Nikolas felt a surge of sensation, both physical and emotional, and was completely lost to this man in a space of a single heartbeat. Nikolas groaned and closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he hoped the alluring man would be gone, but he was still rooted to the same chair he’d sat him in.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 24

“You okay, Ky?” Ashton asked, getting down on one knee to look at the subject at hand. “I gotta tell ya though, you two look great together. I saw you stall when you looked into his eyes. Amazing color, right?”
“We do not! I did not!” Kyler swallowed hard. “And I think I only twisted it, that’s all. I’ll be okay, but can we just go home now? Please.” This big, dark-haired god was about as rude and obnoxious as all get out. His damn ankle hurt like hell. He looked at the top of his friend’s head to see it turned, looking at the big, buffed, growly guy, and gasped when he caught the green eyed beastie eyeing him back.
“Busted!” Ashton said laughing. “Did you see him looking? He’s so into you. Kyler, trust me okay? I know you do trust me and that man there?” He pointed at his boss over his shoulder with a backward thumb, “He’s a really great guy. He’s my boss, actually, but my point is he’s a Master and you couldn’t be in more capable hands. If you play your trump cards right he’s one hellova great guy and a perfect master for you.”
"So you say," he snapped. "Look, I didn’t come here to get hooked up."  He paused and admired the man's attributes and unconsciously licked his lips, "I'm not looking for a Master either and I'm damn sure not looking for your boss." He nibbled on that lower lip now and whispered, "He has amazing green eyes, though. Is he always that difficult?” Kyler whispered to Ashton while he stared at the tall and beautiful man. He couldn’t help admiring the defined muscles, tall straight posture that screamed leader. His definite downfall and this man carried every single attribute he admired in a man.  
“He isn’t the easiest boss in the world. He hollers at everyone.” Ashton commented as Nikolas started a heated argument with the other Master. “Try working for him. He’s making life in general really hard on himself. Kyler, look I know you and Nikolas are right for each other. Just give him a chance. He needs you as badly as you need him. He just needs that stick that got stuck up his ass removed and you’re just the guy to do it. I love you both; I just wanna see you happy. Don’t hate me, okay?”
“Hate you? I loath you right now, but…” Kyler rolled his eyes at Ashton. Could he really take this one final leap? What if it all went to shits ville…yet, what if this worked. He sighed inwardly and he internal banter. He’d planned on leaving after tonight anyway. Right? “I’m such a fool. Maybe this once…”
Ashton slapped him on the back, almost toppling Kyler head first off the chair. “You won’t regret it. You’ll thank me. You’ll see.”
Kyler poke both of Ashton’s cheeks, “Don’t hold your breath.” He just hoped Ashton was right or he’d live to regret the day he was born.

The Art of Breaking - Part 23

“Hey, boss man.”
Nikolas spun on his heels as he was about to attempt crouching down and assess the young man only to come face to face with Ashton. With a shocked expression he didn’t bother acknowledging his greeting. “Ashton, why are you here? In this club of all clubs!”
“I thought I’d come by and see how you’re doing.”
“How the hell do you think I’m doing,” he growled.
“Well this place isn’t exactly forbidden you know. Me and Kyler came to have a drink, mix, and mingle. You know, the usual...” 
“Leave,” The single abrupt word was all he seemed inclined to say.
“I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see. We’re here now and not going anywhere. Why don’t you have a drink with us? Set aside the boss and employee for one night and do the friends having a friendly drink deal. We can even forget the serious list of bullshit that runs longer than your leg.”
“Spare me the details and leave.” Nikolas’s tone was cold, distant. “Tough as it is to believe, Ashton, at the moment I have other things on my mind.”
“Boy oh boy, do you ever.”
Before Nikolas made an attempt to get clarification on that snarky remark, he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. Exhaling he turned to find Master Dominique standing over him with a smirk. “And to what do I owe this honor?”
The older Master raised his brow and said, “A moment of your time young Master. We have something important to address and it won’t wait. After you.”
Nikolas rose to his feet with an angry snarl. Maybe he should have listened to Braxton and gone to China instead. He gave one last threatening look at Ashton that promised hell and followed his ex-Master.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 22

 "What the hell?" Nikolas’s quick reflexes acted on instinct and with one long arm he grabbed the shorter man around his waist to keep the man from tumbling headfirst at his feet. “Easy there,” he grumbled while he tried to keep his feet planted. Damn kid about brought them both down. Fine scene that would make.
“Oh, oh!” Kyler’s wild arms and legs were everywhere at once. “Ouch, Jesus you have arms of steel now don’t you? Let go! You’re squishing me.”
“Bloody hell, can you just sto...” The man in his arms started squirming, begging to be let down and incidentally his arm was rubbing up against Nikolas’s crotch. He groaned. An erection he hadn’t felt in days, weeks, months even, began to overwhelm him as his cock swelled rapidly. Nikolas hurt so damned much right then from said erection that it was begging to split the seams of his leather pants. His raging anger was the only thing that kept him in check and sane. “Knock it off!”
“Oh? Well, aren’t you the growly one? You know you’d be way more handsome if it weren’t for that fierce look you have.”
Nikolas glared at the smart-mouthed package he held in his arms and snarled.
“Uh, sorry?” Kyler squeaked. “But it hurts. Actually it’s throbbing.”
Nikolas groaned and agreed fully.
Glancing below the larger man’s waist, Kyler then realized this man knew not what he’d actually meant. "Mind out of gutter, chump,” he point down to his ankle. I meant my ankle. Now, do you mind putting me down? Just my luck! I just got here. What's the use of going through the hell of wandering around lost in this damn place only to find myself at the feet of another Master? No way, no how. Not tonight!"
“What?” This young man in his arms was clearly drunk or something. Who the hell said anything about being this one’s Master anyway? Timeworn boots clicked against the marble tiles of the large room as long slender legs sheathed in black leather stepped to a chair to sit the man down on it. “Buddy, if you’re looking for a good time, this isn’t the place to look and I’m not the guy for it.”

The Art of Breaking - Part 21

“I’m not sure about this.”
Ashton took a hold of the shorter man’s wrist and for measure gave it a yank. “Oh come on. We’re just going in for a drink or two and have a look around. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.”
Kyler snorted, “You’re too damn vanilla. They’d eat you up.”
“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had sex?” He stopped and knocked on the door. “Too long, and right now I’m wiling to undergo a spanking for it. So, let’s do this.”
Almost at once the door opened and Kyler yelped as Ashton pulled him in.

“Jeez, I swear that guy at the door was going to do a butt search,” Ashton huffed as he drug Kyler behind him towards the set of wooden doors at the end of the hallway. “Would you stop pulling against me already? There’s no turning back from here.”
Kyler’s heart, or what was left of it, pounded within his chest, feeling like it was looking for a way out. He tried to talk, but his tongue refused to leave the roof of his dry mouth. And with as tight as Ashton was holding him, he no longer felt it. All he could do was follow his wicked friend down the twenty foot hallway towards the big wooden double doors. The closer they got the louder the music grew, and the harder his heart worked at finding a way out. There were Masters on the other side of the doors. There were men who wanted nothing more than to strip his ass naked and hurt him, and here he was going right on inside.  
Ashton knocked at the locked door and turned to smile at him, giving him courage, or something like that.
“Let’s not do this, Ashton. I can’t do this. I…”
His words were cut short when the door opened and they were immediately surrounded by waves of warm lights and music almost giving a sense of comfort. He followed blindly behind Ashton and apologized to everyone he ran into, no thanks to Ashton who was almost running throughout the establishment. In and out of tables and around people who seemed to be standing in the way no matter what way he was drug.
“Come on! I see a clear spot in the back.”
“Would you slow down, I’m gonna fall dammit.”
“Holy fuck I think someone just patted my ass!” Ashton hissed in excitement.
Kyler laughed. “No, that was my foot kicking you in the ass to slow the hell down. We aren’t in a marathon.”
“Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus!”
Kyler watched Ashton’s head to see where he was looking, not that it mattered, he couldn’t see over or around him anyway. “What?”
“Those guys over there? One has the other tied to a rack or something and he’s hitting him with a whip. And over there…holy shit! How in the hell do you do this shit?”
Kyler stopped. “You are such a prat.” He dug his heals in and pulled his arm back. “Seen enough now? You are so worse than a tyke in a candy store! Now can we leave?” he yanked on Ashton’s sleeve back in the direction of the door.
Ashton looked up over the crowds and shook his head, pulling Kyler back to his side. With a grin he said, “Not a chance. We just got here. Now who’s being the prat?”
Before Kyler had an opportunity to do anything, say anything, he was being dragged again deeper into the interior of the establishment. He didn’t even have a moment to look around. Not that he really wanted to, but still. He would admit, feeling were returning and not all of them bad, but that still didn’t fit into his comfort zone.
“Here we are. Damn, this place is huge and so full. I didn’t realize there were so many guys into the scene. Come on over here.”
All Kyler could do was what Ashton wanted.  It was that or get run over by a really big guy and his little sub that happened to be crawling on all fours being led by a leash. All Kyler could think was, ‘no way.’
“Thank the gods he didn’t leave.”
Ashton turned to look at Kyler. “No one,” He turned back to where he’d been staring. “Let’s just see about this,” he mumbled once again yanking on Kyler’s wrist.
Kyler growled when Ashton yanked him once again and tried pulling away but his strength, or lack of, wouldn’t stop the now trotting Ashton. “What is your…” Suddenly he was let go and due to the momentum they’d gained during their flight, Kyler plummeted ahead. He tripped over someone’s foot and screamed

The song that inspired my story

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The Art of Breaking - Part 19 & 20

The waiter placed their drinks in front of them, giving Nikolas a saucy come hither wink before leaving the table. He picked it up and took a healthy swallow, reveling in the burn. It was the most expensive Scotch money could buy.  When it came to his club, Dominique spared no expenses.
“My guess is as good as yours, old friend.” 
“Lighten up, Nikolas. Maybe it’s a date. Someone has taken a great interest in you and I’d say it’s about time.” Master D waved a hand around the room. “Many submissive men in this room, this club specifically, are willing to be mastered by you, to kneel for you, take the whip you wield to bring them to the height of pleasure with its sting upon their tender skin, hear your voice as it commands them to come or not to come, to beg for you to put them through their paces.” Dominique sat back and sipped his Merlot, scrutinizing Nikolas’s reaction. “You know where I’m going with this?”
“Yeah, and all the thoughts you originate are further from the truth. Don’t you have work to do?” Looking into his glass, Nikolas put it aside with disgust. Maybe coming here had been a mistake.
“In a minute. I’m not trying to make you mad. I’m just pointing out that you’ve been edgy the last half year ever since… Throw caution to the wind and meet this man. Frankly, my boy, you have nothing to lose.” Master D observed the shadows under Nikolas's eyes and the stress lines around his mouth. His friend looked tired.
“Why?” Nikolas’s voice went on, quiet and intense. “You know I come from time to time, do a scene and always leave here alone.” His voice dropped a pitch. “I don’t do long term and I have nothing to offer. My job sucks up most of my time leaving room for no one. Hell, D, I don’t even own a pet because if I had one it would starve to death from lack of nourishment and neglect. I couldn’t add the guilt of that to what already lays heavily on my shoulders.” There. He’d said it. No taking the words back now.
“I’ll get to that in a minute, but there’s something I need you to see first.
Nikolas looked down as Master D slid a paper under his nose. Glancing at the letter, he suddenly felt his gut twist. He wasn’t smiling, let alone laughing. “Who gave you this?”
“I found it under my office door.”
“Why would someone give this to you.” Nikolas asked.
“I am not here to judge. What has happened is in the past and so it will remain in the past. By this someone’s holding a grudge against you and this is not a threat to be taken lightly.” Dominique’s eyes strayed around the room, as he expected to find strangers listening.
That wasn’t exactly news to Nikolas, but he was too close to finding out who had it in for him to be backing out now. Ever since the burial of one of his men, someone had it in for him, so he’d been doing some investigating of his own. Whoever was behind it had covered his or her tracks well. He’d come up with nil for his efforts. With the confirmation of this being placed under the other master’s door, without doubt it had to be a man. If he didn’t know better, he’d believe it to be someone with high ranking or intelligence enough to pull the hood over his eyes.
“I tried to save him. I did everything in my power to protect him. It wasn’t enough. I failed him, Dom.”
“You didn’t fail him! I believe that when it’s your time, it’s your time. Your date of death is set in stone, pardon the pun, and set in motion from the moment you’re born into this world. It was his time, that’s all. You can’t hold yourself accountable for that. It’s going to eat you from the inside out. But there’s the chance that this person and their idle threats will slip and make a mistake if he suspects you’re on to him.”
“I saw and heard things… I should have known. I was their leader! I was their eyes, their ears. They relied on me!” Nikolas looked away. “I’m at the point where I don’t know who I am. Where the real me begins or that other Nikolas ends. These missions are more dangerous than you think. Before they kill you, they’ll expose you to how empty your life is that leaves you empty inside, without hope. I know this first hand, Dom. As much as I hate to be the one to say this, there’s no room in my life to take on another Sub or have anyone in my life, so I ask myself again: why am I even here.”
His friend smiled. “I once believed and said those very same words.”
With a tight smile, Nikolas changed the subject. “How is it with you and Angelo, anyway?”
“A bossy little bottom, and mischievous as ever. Most days I believe he acts up just to enjoy the punishments.” Dominique chuckled lightheartedly “Just when you think things can’t get any worse… but I do love my boy.”
“Look, if anyone’s asking for me? Give my apologies and tell this man something came up. I’ll take your advice under advisement, but I don’t think I can bring myself to go through with it.” It was shit on his part; yet he knew he was doing the right thing by bailing out of this so called date. 
Master D shook his head. “I’ll make sure to pass on the message and have Stevie offer the room to another Dom.” Master D rose and patted him on the shoulder. “In the meantime, mind what I say about watching your back, and I expect you not to stay away so long this time.”
Without further word, finishing the rest of his drink Nikolas got to his feet. Gathering the paper, he folded it length wise and slid it into the upper pocket of his coat, turning to leave. What happened next was either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Nikolas didn’t know then how these next turn of events would change the course of his life.