Monday, September 5, 2011

Friends and Foes. Which one are you?

My fingers have been itching to post something all day so here I go...

So many months have passed and it seems these days that time has flown before our eyes and we ask ourselves: Where has the time gone? What have we accomplished? Do we wallow over what's been or go forward and what could be?

I'll be honest in saying that I hardly think about this anymore. I've lost friends and gained a few of them back, but the ones I haven't gained back I have no regrets in having lost them in the first place. Why? Because those few have been nothing but hurtful, spiteful and still to this day cannot let bygones be bygones and they still post and pick at you when you can't be bothered with them any longer. I wonder if  they do this just to help them sleep at night. The pain from seeing my friends hurt or hurting is ten times worse than my own pain. If one of these people being hurt is you, don't let them win cause I sure as fawk don't plan to. I don't believe in the whole eye for an eye bit or being vindictive because you'd be no better than they are, back stabbers. I do hold Faith in: what comes around goes around and all that. Fight for what is right... your dignity!

NOW there are new friends I've made who I need them to know how appreciative I am of them. I understand what they're going through and I want them to know that I am there if not in body in spirit and online. Times are tough and I want them and all my friends to know that no matter what ever is happening in your life now that's impacted it negatively, soon shall pass. Like me you've been hurt and that too will pass cause you're strong and you, we, are all winners, they are not. Just believe in yourselves. So chin up, pass go where those fawktards can go to jail instead and beat those odds you feel are against you. Let NO man or woman put you under!

This song is for those of you that need it most and that I care about most. You all know who you are.


  1. Made me cry. Good song great meaning behind it. Loved it now where is the reaction button for Love!

  2. You are so right my friend. The cold has passed and the shine is brighter than ever now. I know that both my mate and I will be doing better than ever when this female realizes that she has lost and removes herself from the battlefield. As for me and my mate we are retiring from the battlefield and going to enjoy some serious together time ;)Love you Demon *hugs Sid tight*