Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 2011

     Hey everyone,

          Hope everyone is doing alright? As most of you know from reading my last few blogs that I have been going through some serious hell with my Wolf. And all of it is due to his psycot ex. Well, the death threats have ceased for the moment but the name calling hasn't. But I am at a point in my life right now that I don't give two shits about what happens to her. We are just waiting to see what will happen on Nov. 7th, when we go back to court. Then we are going to do what we need to do and bounce out of here. Hopefully he will get only probation for a short term :) Honestly, I wish this stupid fat ugly sow would just leave us alone for the rest of our lives. But instead we have to hide ourselves away just so we can spend some much needed time together without her having to hunt us down or she thinks that we need a constant babysitter so she can be informed about what we are doing and so forth. IF anyone of ever saw her then you all would know what I have to deal with. Right now I wish I was carrying his puppy but I'm glad that I'm not. Sometimes I wonder if its worth all of this hell then I remember just how much I love my Wolf and I can't imagine my life without him so I know that everything that I'm going through with her to be with him is worth the hell that I'm facing and going through right now. Because this type of love only happens once in a lifetime so when it happens to you make sure that you grab it with both hands and hang on for the best ride of your life :) Sounds corny but it is the truth. And now that I have found it I'm going to hang on it with everything that I have.
     I have even thought about sending him back to her but then I remember it would be his death sentence that I would send him too. I even told him as much and everything and he was pissed at me but when I get that scared then I don't think rationally or anything I just go on instincts. And that's what was happening while he was apart from me. She had me so damn scared that I was going on instincts alone and everything. But I just needed to work through it all and reach a certain point in my life so I wouldn't have to worry about what she has to say to me or about me. Because I know the truth about myself something she will never understand or that. As I have told her 'If you don't have me figured out by now then you never will' and it's the absolute truth about me. As I have termed myself 'I am a true force of nature. I am also the true Bitch from Hell'. I will broadside you when you least expect it and so forth. But the true Bitch from Hell no one can digest period :) So be ware when you piss me off. I will finish the dance my way and no one will like it ;)

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