Thursday, December 8, 2011

Almost Christmas

Hey Folks!

We have so many followers, but who in fact really follows this blog and to be quite frank is it worth keeping it running. Not a question, but rather just a thought that's been running through my brain for some time now.

So's it's almost that time. Christmas. I know that my numero uno fav holiday of the year and it'll always remain that way. Why? Hmm good question I pose unto myself. Well, it's why the small members of my family fully get together. There's Shrek (Pop), Gremlin (Mum) and the ABC kids (we call them that cause each of their names begins with a letter of that alphabet). There's 3 of em. Well duh I guess so. Then there's my sis who I cannot give her nick or else she's going to clobber me and it's the name she uses on Goodreads and you didn't know it, but she's in my friend and then there's Bart Simpson :snickering: Her hubster who's a cop but truly and really looks like Bart. I even got him a Bart doll that talked one year for Christmas. So in total there's 8 of us. It's quite small a number, but that's the way it's been for... forever. My folks don't talk to either side of their families, so that's the way shit flies.

Anyhow, every year it's me and Gremlin that puts up the tree. It's just the way it is. Heck me and sis got the 'rents one of those trees that already has the lights one, yeah know? They still need me to hook it up for them :snickering: Hilarious. We do dinner of course and a homemade dessert and open the presents. But it's just the concept of us all being together and having a good time. Did I mention I like it most cause it's a full out week of sitting on my arse and not having to drive to work in the snow. Booyah!

So here's what I'd like to know. Don't be shy! What's your most memorable Christmas or just tell us why you like it or don't. Not everyone does and I'm curious to know why or the latter. So with this let's see who's really following this blog.


  1. We celebrate with my husband's side of the family a week before Christmas. It's okay. We put aside our differences and get along okay. Usually, my husband and I celebrate Christmas together on Christmas Eve. We exchange gifts, watch Christmas movies and eat junk food.
    On Christmas day we get up early and head out to my mother's house. Once again it's stressful because I've always been the child that was a disappointment to her, so it's sometimes hard to put that aside, but during Christmas time we (I) try to let that crap go.
    We eat a big supper, open presents and drink too much while playing board games. That part is my favorite part.

  2. I'm in with the drinking too much. For me its the one and only time of year I drink tons of wine. Then I have to spend New Year's day detoxing.

    Thanks for commenting, Andy!

  3. Humm. Not certain I have a Christmas that stands out in my mind as super special, but these days I do have a tradition. Every Christmas since my son was old enough, to wit over 19 which is when he left home, I've done a sort of 'buffet' and he and any of his friends he invites come over to eat and just relax for a while. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective LOL that won't happen this year as he and his girlfriend are going to be with her family in KC. So I can just kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet *G* - E.

  4. Well that sux, E! But you'll be getting something special from me by Christmas that will makr up for all that rubbish :grinning:

    I should have added: What does everyone wqish for Christmas? I wish for everyone's happiness and if you've had a real shit year like I have may it be better next year.

  5. ~Pounces Sid~ I am not old enough to drink! ~Pouts~ Oh wait that never stopped me. I only made a promise not to drink anymore. ~Snickers~ Okay this is going to sound weird but what I do is just hang out and write or read. So that is going to be my christmas this year and my new years but my birthday I'm going to go jump a few of my partners and drag them away. (Out dancing and perhaps letting them drink a little to much LOL)

  6. Oiye! I think you just killed me with that pounce, Kat :snickering: It's too bad you can't drink, but on the plus side? Getting your partners drunk and taking full on bodily advantage... BOOYAH Baby!!

    Have fun with that.

  7. I do have some very special memories of Christmases past. I can remember we had an old German Santa that had drummer on him. He was a remote control Santa and we would put him under the tree to guard the gifts and the tree. But on Christmas Eve we would do a snack instead of a meal. We would get together, play cards and snack all night long. Then in the morning my Grandfather would wake everyone us at 5 am and we would wait for the other family members to get there and begin to open the gifts that Santa left and after the open of the gifts and the clean up we would all have breakfast together *waves away the tears* But it was that first Christmas after we lost my grandparents that was the hardest or so I thought. This year is going to be very hard on me because I won't be able to make it home to be with my girls for the holidays. But it will still be a special Christmas for me anyways. Reason is I'm going to be spending it with my Wolf and his son who has become very special to me in such a short time that we have been keeping :) I wish everyone well and have a very enjoyable holiday. I love you all, Raidan, Edward, Kat, Demon and everyone else *hugs everyone*

  8. I understand what its like to not have Grandparents to celebrate the holidays. Its very sad. This'll be the first year I won't get a gift from my Opa. That's Gremlin er mum's dad in Germany. He passed away this year. It's hard not being with all your loved ones but hey Angel you're still with your Wolf which counts. Seasons Greetings to you and yours.

  9. Well.....

    Depends on who and what, but usually its always been getting buried and wrapping papper while doing ones best not to beat whatever toy that's not working quite right into the wall or perhaps a whiny baby girl insisting that I MUST play dollies or Barbies... *clears throat* I DO NOT PLAY DOLLS OF ANY KIND... unless it involves burning them as the POW prisoners set to explode with high velocity and maximum BANG n BURN power. *demented grin*


    Its been me and the boys battling over toys and surf or just down right doing a smackdown over food and drink. Maybe a race or two after or Tat breakout layered in high quality smoke.


    FamWars, which for those that do not savvy, the ultimate fighting war of bribe and barbs over drink that ultimately leads to broken shit and ER possibilities if the qualifications weren't hashed and it goes to a all out volley of the real toys coming out.

    ... *reading over shaking head* Yaaaaah... we're not boring and sound total low life, except most of that is done by the major shakers... *shrugs* In my fam its very much pecking order and balls to the wall.

    My most bright memory is me and my GF hunting and finding a half flash frozen cow in a lake. It was damn odd, getting it out was a bitch... and I found a gray wolf pup. I was like dunno, 7 or 8.