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Groups Part III

This has been a long time in coming and I do apologize for seeming like I've been procrastinating but such as it is shit happens called LIFE.

When I decided that Isis and her crew was no longer there for me and her time of telling her story had come to a complete final this is where I turned to write something, someone new. I created him in a time of my life where I was coming to realize who I really am and I was still in the closet about myself. Icelus was my escape goat, such as it is from reality and the internal turmoil I was dealing with came out in him. Icelus is so much a part of who I really am that it was freaky at times, but I got absorbed in him, this character and I enjoyed writing him for as long as I can remember and he's still with me to this day. 

You might ask or wonder: What's Icelus gender preference? Would it surprise you if I said he was asexual and didn't have any? He didn't like men. He didn't like women. He was all about himself and had no room in his morbid, diabolic little world for anyone but himself and his Oracle of course who is Sidney. Yup folks, this is where the 'character' Sidney comes into play. 

So, without further ado I'll introduce you to Icelus or rather I'll let him tell you about himself to you. The picture is how he prefers to see himself portrayed to the mortal world. Who am I to argue? Therefore, because Icelus intro is so short and trust when I say he's an immortal god of very few words I'm going to blog post along with his intro the first chapter of his story title: A Dreamer's Assassin. 

I leave you with these words and allow Icelus to take the podium.

"How many dreams would darken into nightmares, where there’s a danger of them coming true?"

Name: Icelus Inakhos

Branch: Dream-Hunter / Skotos  

Height: 7’ 2

Hair color: Black 

Eyes: Deep blue at all times

Motto: Dreaming permits me to quietly make you insane every night of your life.


Faces of women formed out of dark clay plastered the walls. They were all lined evenly row upon rows of them. Icelus inspected them. Each of a different woman and below each in a vertically row was the same woman looking older each time. Icelus looked around himself. These were his trophies. He reached out to one and traced it with his fingers. This one being his current conquest.

To his satisfaction she was weakening. She was in his realm now not hers. He was in charge. He’d get what he wanted. For that matter he’d be giving her what she wanted too.

Icelus, αυτό είναι όπου τους κρύβετε?”
 “Yes, this is where I hide them.” Icelus stopped, looked. “You never stop surprising me αδελφός”
“Why don’t you just call me Sidney or Sid?”
“You are what you are, Oracle.” 
“Nevertheless it’s my name.” lips skinned back in a wolfish leer at him.
 “If I was in your place, I’d have put the woman out of her misery by now and ended…”
“You are not.” He interrupted.
“Can it be you convey these treasures in all their numbers and beauty to outland men, so that they can be still kept safe for you? Such a thing might be a sorrow hereafter. Allow me to aid you. Surely you would not deny me that?”
“I have no need of you or your intrusions.” Icelus gave the other Skoti one intense, long look. He was filled with such craving he could hardly speak.
 “Oh, but you will.”
 Icelus relied on humans. Concentrating on those aspects of dreams that reflected reality. A bitterness he could not quench rose to his lips. Icelus had, had enough of the subject. Dismissed it.
Before Icelus left Sidney reminded him of the consequences to his actions.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, torture and may not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

                                           DREAMER'S ASSASSIN - Part 1

The routine was always the same. The clock goes off at 5am, shower, dressed, and the bed made within the hour. Head down to the kitchen, pour a bowl of her favorite fiber filled, nutritious cereal, inhale it then dutifully wash the dish, placing it to the side to dry, bend down to give attention to her cat.

Bending down she gave attention to her cat Buddy. Leaving him out of the equation only met with the pains of his tiny teeth embedded in her ankle for even thinking to ignore him. After preparing the same lunch consisting of a ham sandwich, yogurt and an apple, she bagged them up and headed out the door too her same eight-thirty to five job.   

She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse as it rang,

“Hello Courtney.” She answered.

“What’s up girl?”

“Not much. You know same shit different day” she couldn’t have been further from the truth

“A few of us are thinking of going out tonight. Wanna come?”

“Thanks for the offer but I’m really not in the partying mood. Thanks for the offer though.”

“Sure no prob. But if you change your mind___”

 “Yah I know where to reach you.”

“Ok later babe.”

“Later.” With that, she ended the call.

Diana was a woman who enjoyed everyday life. Cheerful, perky, full of spunk, she lit up a room whenever she made her presence known. Friends loved her, peers adored her but she led a life of solitude. She rarely went out or dated and the times she had the end results were disastrous.

She enjoyed the simplicities in life and kept it that way. But the years were catching up to her. She was a year shy of turning forty. Her parents, bless their souls, had passed away, first her father and then her mother. All she had left were a few friends, most pitied her and only one remained sincere. Although they never mocked, ridiculed, or poked fun at her for isolating herself within her three bedroom apartment too re-play movies already scene an umpteen number of times, they pitied her, not that they’ll say it to her face.

Arriving at her job she made her usual “Good morning” rounds, headed to the cafeteria to poor a cup of java prior to starting her day. Her phone always blinked new messages waiting to yet be heard. She wondered if people ever slept, leaving messages at all hours. Lunch time came and went, faxes taken care of, phone calls returned within the twenty-four hour ratio and all having said, another day had come and gone.
On this particular day coming home from work, she stopped at the local pharmacy to stock up on shampoo and conditioner before heading home. L’Oreal was having a sale she couldn’t pass up on. With her basket filled, she headed to the counter to pay for her purchases.

As she passed the book shelf like she had done on many an occasion a paperback novel caught her eye. Pulling it from the shelf she flipped it over to read the back cover. “He’s pure, sensual, a true master in awakening hidden pleasures___” Her voice remained low in order to refrain from bringing herself any unwanted attention. “Right, as if that existed in the real world.” Without hesitation she peeked inside.

Unable to deny her curiosity was piqued, she read on, skimming through the prologue till the end and wound up with her placing it on the counter.

“Looks like a good book” she told the cashier, paid for it and then left. She couldn’t explain it but she’d felt eager to get home and get started. “Beats one night of re-runs.” 

Closing his eyes, Icelus rubbed his temples. Discretely he waited. Would she take the bait? Having her read was ingenious. This would give her just a little nudge in the right direction. Icelus would use her freshly discovered creativity to change the situation to his advantage. He spotted her leaving the store. Ah yes, and with the book. The stern look on his face finally began to ease.

Lonely women like her traded their bleak empty lives to taste the feeling of belonging. What better way than reading? He had no need to. Only he took it upon himself as to who would see him, who would not. One of many rules: avoid physical contact with humans. Icelus took his leave, knowing that things were progressing according to his plan. With an insidious grin, he turned and vanished into the dark alley.

After consuming a lukewarm microwave dinner and a steeped pot of Earl Grey placed on the side table, Diana cozied up on the couch and began to read.  Half-way through the book, she yawned and peered up at the clock. “Oh brother!” she hadn’t realized how late it was. How the time had flown by in the blink of an eye. Neatly she hung her clothes, and slid under the warmth of her comforter. Bidding Buddy good night, she turned out the lights.

Over the next few weeks she had accumulated several books, finishing one each night. She became obsessed, unable to get enough of reading them. Diana read book after book on anything from romance, to horror, to fiction and even those dwelling on the occult. The TV no longer held her interest and neither did she have an urge to pick up the phone and talk.
Icelus towered above her, looking down upon her as she slept. Soon she would be ready. Soon she would open up all that energy which he had been kept hoarded within her. The more she read, the more her simple minded imagination would flourish.
Did he pity her?
Did it matter that once he drained every ounce of energy left in her voluptuous womanly body, she'd be leaving behind loved ones?
Like those ahead of and before her she would die peacefully in her sleep.
His head snapped sideways. He had to push this along. Other Skotos were sniffing her out, to take pride in a successful kill, that was meant for him alone, would only lead him into a punishment worse than death itself.

Deep into that darkness peering, long he stood there, while he waited for the woman to succumb to a sound slumber. To wonder, fear, doubt, and dream her dreams which would feed him her energy.

A waterfall cascading out of the mountain; roared. The pool it formed was surrounded with luscious growths of bushes, shrubs, and grass. There were an abundance of vibrant flowers of every shape and colors from patches of budding sunflowers, buttercups and roses to orchids. All were her favorites.

Diana got down on one knee and swirled her hand in the water. She had thought it would be icy cold but surprisingly it was quite warm. She could hardly contain her astonishment. She’d thought she heard whispering, but this was quickly lost in the breeze and vanished.

Lying down among the grass felt heavenly. She felt like a little girl all over again. Spread out on the grass she watched as oddly the sky darkened. The sun began to vanish behind the cliff of the waterfall. The sky turned from a crystal clear blue to orange, red then a brooding dark grey. Her dream turned from breathtaking and beautiful to become dark and sinister.

Icelus stood a few yards away; watching her. The valley turned black. He kicked up the winds a notch. Unlike the human woman that felt the chill he did not. He face was blank. He adjusted himself, inching closer.

Diana wandered off into the darkness. There was a boulder up ahead; taking a short repas, she sat on it, felt its coolness. Somewhere nearby her there was a sound. Faint. She looked around skeptically.


The sound came again more distinct. Something slithered, circling her. It was a snake. She saw it; froze. It was a cobra. But this was a dream right? If she imagined it gone.

Its large scaly head reared up, eyes red like jeweled rubies bore into hers. Diana held her breath. She was locked in its gaze. It was watching her. Its attention focused solely on her in a deliberate sort of way.

Always despising snakes, mostly she feared them. Should she scream? Petrified, frozen like a statue she wondered what to do. It hissed at her as its pointy tongue shot in and out of its mouth and then moved closer.

Bending her knees as though getting them further from the ground would protect her, she hugged them to her.

The trees seemed to whisper and she thought she’d heard her name. Did she hear a voice, or was fear playing some trick on my mind? The cobra then began to sway from side to side, dancing, then lunged forward. Diana let out a scream. It stopped, hovering just at her feet. She looked down panic struck. It was gone.

Diana jumped awake. She still had an hour before the bedside alarm sounded. Still trembling from the dream, standing up, she stretched. Every muscle in her body ached. She lay there wide awake, motionless, her mind telling her there was the slightest possible that snake might be coiled under her bed and waiting to strike at the most opportune moment. Of course she was being silly it was just a dream. She dragged herself into the shower nearly tripping over her cat. “Sorry buddy” then almost walked into the wall.

Most of her work day was spent in a daze. She’d never been so tired. Staring at the blinking icon on the computer screen, making no attempt to touch the mouse or tackle the stack of faxes piling up on her desk.

Diana was grateful when five o’clock rolled around. Turning off her computer, she opened her bottom desk drawer, scooping up her purse and headed home.

Still plagued with fatigue on her lack of sleep the prior night, she’d read only a few chapters and called it an early night. She slipped out of her clothes and slithered between the sheets. Diana sighed, her head sinking deeper into the pillow. Diana drifted to sleep and quickly opened the flood gates to her dreams.

Same as her last dream she’d returned to the blazing waterfall.

A wolf appeared this time before her. Fangs dripped with droplets of blood, staining its chin a crimson red. Deep pools of blue bore into her and with a vicious snarl his threat to attack all too evident.

Diana could hear the animal’s heavy breathing and knew it was biding its time, watching, stalking and waiting to strike with each step she takes, faltering backwards, His pace matches hers step for step.

One foot back, one paw forward.

Feeling nauseous, the bile rose up, cutting into her airways. Frantically groping along the boulders, she desperately sought an escape. Realized there was no hope, Diana turned to face the malevolent creature in the hopes of defending herself. Fists raised and shaking, she awaited the wolf’s next move. Her legs shook as she let out a loud scream piercing scream.

Diana felt a burning pain on her shoulders as the creature sprang towards her, sinking its claws and fangs in. Warm blood oozed down her chest. Struggling in blinded fear was futile. More pain accompanied her mortified fear as the teeth dug in deeper, restraining her. “By all that is Holy please let my death be swift?” She heard herself cry out in a last, feeble attempt.

In one violent motion, Icelus flung her outward. He loosened his bite and let out a chilling, guttural, triumphant howl. Fear surrounded her like a halo. Icelus absorbed it, feasted on it.

He maintained his control, taking it in, in moderation. Each invasion into her dreams became energy gained. Pulling her into his realm would rob her of sanity and realities of her own life, leaving him temporarily satiated with a blissful euphoria.

Diana woke, startled to the deafening sound of her alarm. The novel slipped through her fingers and fell heavily to the floor. Sickened by the dream still flooding her memory, her stomach churned. She was going to throw up. Running to the washroom, head slung over the porcelain bowl, she wretched till her stomach emptied and nothing remained.

Icelus appeared, emerging out of the shadows. Stepping into his sanctum, he is clothed head to toe in black leather, with a multitude of chains and handcuffs hooked at his waist.

Sidney brushes past him without pretense of pleasantries. “I have word there are Enforcers snooping nearby.”

Icelus leered at him, making him flinch. “So be it” he growled.
“They side with the mortals.”

“I am aware. And they will die along with them.” Breathing deeply, he stared into space. His thoughts on the mortal woman, “They have the pitiful humans think they are in control of things, but that is merely an illusion.”
“They are your nemesis Icelus.”

Sidney, we will continue to thrive and penetrate the order, even if it means paying the heavy price of our existence.” Icelus inhaled, his nostrils flaring.
“An Enforcer might cross your path one day. They are a nuisance that lurks nearby.”

“Nonsense I am too cunning for them.” He’d been subjected to paying attention to the brutal hammerings of Skoti who’d strayed and showed resistance. “Joining our ranks is more profitable don’t you think?” What could be better than taking anything you wanted during their sleep?

“They are equal in strength and___”

Icelus vice-like grip slammed Sidney into the wall, cut him off mid-words. Icelus eyes a vibrant blue, cold and sharp, narrowed as he spoke. “You have made your point”

“The rules___” Sidney croaked out prior to Icelus’ quick release, letting him go to plummet to the ground.

“Rules were made to be broken!” He snarled, patience at an end. “The Skotos break rules. Need I remind you?”

Sidney composed himself. “I suggest finishing it with the woman now, Icelus.”

“I will continue to manipulate her my way and for my own means.” Icelus shrugged his indifference, ““My energy is rooted by her night terrors and dreams. My vile and viciousness I feed her will sustains me.”

“It is not like you, to play with your food.”

“The choice is not yours to make on how I handle them. You serve as my oracle nothing more. Now leave here and be quick about it.”
“No one dismisses me Icelus. I leave because I wish too.”
“Get my bike polished. I will ride soon.” Icelus ordered. His oracle was new to the game. He would soon learn.

Hot flames licked at Sidney’ feet, giving him more than just cause to make a swift departure.

The night draws closer, he awaits it with anticipation. Icelus trembles as power surges from pure energy still held within. Wreaking havoc, fear, horror and unspoken acts of evil all beckon to him.

Each time Diana woke, she’d felt groggier than the day before. Each dream became more intense, vivid, taking away any hopes of a restful night. She had tossed, turned and flailed her arms and legs, throwing her covers in chaos to the floor only to wake up and fix them,  unable to return to sleep or hearing her own horror filled screams would awaken her. Whenever it did, she woke; she hadn’t wanted to go back, absorbed on how much her encounter had seemed so real.

The Dreams petrified her.

It took great effort to even fulfill her professional duties. Already her boss had reprimanded her on her lack of focus on a job that held the motto: Customers Come First.

Her manager told her she was now under review for poor performance. They had been watching her grow hollow-eyed over the past weeks, matching her deteriorating image.

“Make an appointment with your doctor. Get some tests done Diana you look like hell. This behavior is so unlike you.”

Her boss had tried to tell her, when he yanked her into the office after already having many disputes and a complaint submitted on her ignorance at not being sympathetic to their customer’s every whiney need. 

In truth she was being told, ordered even, to take time off. She was a step away from landing on the chopping block with a pink slip in hand. She’d exhausted all her sick days, used up all her vacation time. There was nothing left.

The following morning she made her first appointment to visit with her family doctor.

Over the course of time her system soon became immune to the pills and she began to double her dosage. Once the prescription ran out, Diana switched to another doctor, lamenting of the same ailment in order to keep up with her addiction.  

The late afternoon sunlight poured through the windows to her apartment, giving it warmth that made most people want to spend the day outside.

It was a Saturday. But to Diana what mattered most was to read her newest purchase, which filled her imaginings of succulent men, erotic fantasies which she hoped to take with her into her dreams. The dreams never turned out the way she wanted them too.
Diana sat on the couch, legs crossed with a book in her hand. She was awake. Everything in her tried to suppress the yawns. Her exhaustion was winning.

Was it too much to have a man with long dark hair well defined features with square chin and lush lips greeting her? Just before she closed her eyes, she imagined men like this existed. The books helped form the world, but her dreams do the rest. They took her there but not where she intended to be.

Icelus’ eyes glowed like the blue of sapphires. A silk white shirt, opened at the neck in a low V, exposed a dark muscled chest. He towered over her, inspecting everything about her. From her mousy brown hair, thin, narrow features to her pale complexion. 

“Yes, that is it. Read then sleep while I tap into the darkest recesses of your mind.”

He beckoned her, to leave behind the world of broken promises and hurtful memories. She was his puppet, to have total and complete control over.

With a forceful lunge Diana had been tossed into her dream. Her eyes opened in horror to a wolf’s jaws clamped on her throat and she heard the sickening sound of her own flesh tear. She began to choke on her own blood, which gushed from her wounds.

Diana silently prayed.

With a final baneful howl, the wolf ceased for what seemed to her endless time, leaving her there to drown in her own blood.  Why was she dreaming this and why was this happening to her? Was this the penance she would pay for any wrong doings in her life?

Her eyes were met with icy blue ones, lips peeled back in a snarl and again it lunged at her. With a final scream of agony, she woke up. Her breaths came in deep gulps in an attempt to take air into her lungs, her T-shirt was now drenched in sweat from the neck to her waist.

Her body jolted and convulsed in little spasms from her fear. Buddy looked groggily up and yawned. “I’ve never fallen asleep in the mid-day before.” she spoke to him in a voice sounding hoarse and raspy.
The dream had ended much too quickly.

Icelus had paused to gauge her reaction. He could tell she was thinking about letting it all go and succumbing to death.

He stood peering over the cliff’s edge. Hands tightened into a fist, her energy still ebbed within him. Powerful, fulfilled, he felt alive. Reaching his arms openly to the sky, shaking his head, he yelled, sending his claim of the woman out to the other Skotos.

Once again the Enforcers would be met with failure in their feeble battle to free a human soul from impending doom at the hands of a Skoti.

When awake she raved as a lunatic raves. Every animal seemed to want to attack her. Invisible insects crawled along her arms where there were not. Courtney visited and seeing her mental distress, offered to take Buddy and care for him, till she felt herself again.

Somehow, someone had placed her in a hospital, where she was admitted. When she came to, she looked around in confusion. An IV was inserted into the vein of her arm, her clothes had been stripped, replaced by a hospital gown and a nurse stood at her bedside, taking her vitals.

With a strangled cry, she cried out. Dianna pulled at her hair, hoping to detach herself from visions of dreams continuously plaguing her. More nurses crammed into the room, subduing her legs and ankles with restraints. Too delirious to notice, one of the nurses pulled out a syringe from the pocket of her frock and emptied its contents into the tube of her IV.   

Diana was suddenly tossed into that dream she had been avoiding, yet in a cave this time. A place seeming lost in time. She could feel its dampness, cold and grimy to the touch. So dark she couldn’t see two feet in front of her.  Hands outstretched in front, guided the way into the pitch black dark.

She willed herself to relax. “I am not scared.” She whispered under her breath. “This is just a dream. I can wake up from it anytime.”

She could hear the dripping of water and then a sound came from not far away, like slithering over. She searched the dark corners. Her eyes widened like huge orbs, lungs began to labor. The darkness became suddenly hostile. A feeling of being watched was overtaking her senses.

She wished a flashlight into her hand, but in her dismay, a torch appeared in its stead.

The cobra slithered its way towards her. With a cry and hands crossed over her face, she attempted to ward it off. Coiling itself around her leg, it slithers up and around, till it reaches her waist and hugs her to him.

Icelus ignored her efforts. Her throat constricts in terror, heart pounds irregularly and thumping wildly. Her panic pumps up her adrenaline, making her sweat profusely.

Icelus takes it all in.

Veering its large, black head up to peer into her eyes with its red beaded ones, he hisses and then lunged forward and strikes, released the venom into her neck.

Diana’s fingers touch the tiny pin pricks from the reptile’s fangs. Stomach knotted convulsively. She watched, muted and paralyzed as his enormous scaled body slides down and away from her.

Losing all feeling, Diana’s legs turned numb. Stumbling, she falls. She tried to cry out, but within seconds, the potent venom swelled her tongue, cutting off her airways. All she could do was moan a suppressed groan. Paralyzed by the poison, she could not move, could not speak. Only her thoughts screamed within her head. Icelus smiled, teeth glowing in the pitch of dark. She can barely make out his features, but he can read hers clearly.

Appearing in his human skin, Icelus leans close and sniffs. She looks wildly around with just her eyes, the tears streaming down her face. Diana’s eyes plead, offering nothing but complete surrender. “There, there, I am here. Just let it all go.”

Those eyes had her pinned where she lay. Recognition now came to her. She’d seen them many times over. In all her dreams, her nightmares, the creatures that attacked her and brought her to submission. Her eyes begin to roll in her head as Icelus strokes her temple with a glove covered hand.

The nurse came into the room, making her usual rounds. She put the stethoscope to Diana’s chest, but the beats were faint. Checking her pulse, she couldn’t detect any.

“DOCTOR, CODE BLUE!” the nurse yelled out into the corridor.

The staff heard her alarming tone and rushed in all at once.

“She barely has a pulse. We’re losing her.”

“Get the crash cart!”

The loud whine of the machinery echoed inside the room, it is then placed over her heart as jolts of electricity tried to revive the failing muscle.

“Still nothing. Again.” The doctor orders in a commanding tone.

Diana began to grow colder still, and the shine in her eyes began to dim. Icelus put his arms around her, held her and blew the kiss of death towards her temple. Her breathing eases and then, she lay still. 

“We’ve lost her. Call it.” Covering her face with the hospital sheet, they seized trying.

“Time of death 3.15 am doctor.” the nurse responded at the doctor's nod to call her time of death.

Her soul flowed now from the restrictions of flesh and bone and was carried away by a dark tide like the rush of that same waterfall. The rush it gave him came so quickly, his knees buckled and he almost dropped to the ground. Energy encompassed and embodied him.

Icelus laughed, his deep voice echoed.

At that moment, eyes were watching him. Icelus glanced up and for the merest fraction of an instant he thought he saw a man’s face. 
Whoever he was, he added a whole new dimension to his very dangerous world. He would find him, he smiled to himself and when he did___ he’d have a few surprises for him of his own.

To be continued... IF you wish to read more :smirking: 


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