Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't even begin to tell you about the emotional roller coaster ride with my feeling and emotions that this story took me on. I'm still flabbergasted today when I think about it.

It's a very well written story of young love, heartbreak, finding yourself and just a whole slew of events and circumstances that will have you laughing, super pissed to crying tears. I had my moment that if one of the characters were real I'd wanna kick his arse to the rafters.

This story is about Nate and Adam, it's young adult so don't go looking for tons of sex or sex scenes. Those remain closeted and to me that was quite refreshing for a change to read a book that wasn't nothing but sex, sex and more sex. It's a story that will keep you hooked as it had kept me riveted to each and every word and page. You won't be able to put this one down.

I look forward to the next one by this author. Two thumbs up!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Cold Dark Place

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is no HEA ending here in this book.

It is with a heavy heart that I sit here and write this review and in dire need of finding a happy place to be at the moment. It has broken me down to tears that I am unable to control or stop and I will be haunted by this book for quite some time still.

This story is in first person and spoken through the eyes of Luke. You'll read about his past growing up, what he's currently going through and the trials and tribulations of love found, love lost and complete heartbreak that it so utterly devastating to him that LIFE is just no longer with living. Luke is completely broken, he's shattered and there seems to him no way of going forward or moving on and making life better for him.

There were type o's but this one time I was able to forgo them just to finish this tragic story told by Luke. His love for another, Andy, is so deep that nothing on this God green earth can replace his devotion and emotional deep seated love. For me in reading this, it's like finding your soul-mate, having it within your reach, within your grasp, just right there, but unable to keep this an make it yours.

Honestly, have something very, very upbeat ready at hand should you choose to read this one and note: There is no hawt man on man sweaty sex which I know apart from the content might deter some from reading this book.

Again, emotional, traumatic, and deep story that is well written in my opinion if you can handle this one without allowing your emotions to run ragged like my have. Keep tissues at hand.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 2012

     Hey everyone, sorry I have been on like I should. But still dealing with a shitty connection.

     I know most of you are parents and are proud of your children no matter the age. I also know that when we make decisions for our children it's usually in their be interests. Well, I made a decision a few years ago that was in the best interest of my mother's granddaughters. Now they don't want anything to do with me as their mother. Hell, as far as they are concerned I'm not even their mother. Maybe it's what I deserve who knows? The oldest girl blames me for leaving home and getting pregnant. My so called sister says that I don't deserve my unborn baby because of my mate saying that I'm going to fall hard and so forth. A person can only imagine what it's like to have your own children hate you and to want nothing to do with you..That is a wound that cuts so deep and you feel like it's never going to heal. Right now I don't know if I'm every going to make it through this emotional Hell? I don't understand why anyone would want absolutely anything to do with me because I am such a complete and utter fuck up? I shine through my writing, I'm called an angel by our sweet Demon but I am no angel and I am far from perfect. But right now I wish I could just drop off the face of the earth. Or at least find a way to deal with this pain... I also know that time heals all wounds but this wound is soul cutting deep don't know if it will ever heal.Here is the message from a 14 year old child and my so call sister...Then tell me how you would feel if you were in my position?

o    its Gabby and everything is fine. . Trustme would i ever lie about life dfine. no so u rnt gonna kick her butt cuz ud haveto get threw me sis bubby and the boys. trust me i wont let u touch her. if u really cared about us, u wouldnt have left and got knocked up. so its u thats not fine or right. bye

o    Wow I haven't talked to her in forever...and yea I do believe u shouldn't be allowed to have a kid in ur situation especially with him and the fact he has had his kids taken away...but ur gonna learn that on ur own. I do believe u need to fall flat on ur ass without help from anyone cause u need to grow up and get a job and take care of urself, hell u couldn't take care of the kids u have what the hell makes me think u can take care of another innocent life...and as far as protecting the girls u ain't done shit but hurt them their whole lives..and now they have to suffer more cause u went and got knocked up and u plan on keeping this one when u couldn't keep them...u are selfish and even though u thought u did right with those flash u did hella wrong...and u can hate me but somebody has to stand up and tell u the truth in reality....and BTW I only said I would take him cause she said u was gonna give the baby to her and I will be damned if I let that bitch or anyone else raise my niece or nephew.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Deal by Katsura

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fergus and Judas... How these 2 characters will remain in my mind for a very long time yet to come.

Katsura not only brings you into the world of gangsta, but the exquisite few pages of illustrations and art within this book are utterly and completely amazing!

This story was not to me your typical romance. It is, but it isn't. It's so much more. Usually you have your good guy and your bad, but these characters are all sinister, criminals that not even serving time in the pen will stop their crime spree. But when they love you can feel it through the well written words. You even have your fair amount of angst. All out for their own pocket and gain.

In this well depicted story I enjoyed every word, every act of drama and not for one moment was I able to put it down. I tried for a moment and kept looking over at my reading no matter how tired I was and just had to keep going with it.

HEI ending? I'm still trying to decide on whether or not it is. To a degree perhaps, but that's all I'm going to reveal. Rest assured I will pass along that I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next story to this one and see what happens in Volume 2 which I DO hope is not too far off in waiting. I'm impatient, damnit!

I urge you to read it. This author will take you a different world than the one you're used to. I'm not disappointed. That's apparent from my review :winks:

Two thumbs up all the way!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eternal Peace

 While on my 2 weeks of recuperation I was contacted by one of the V.P's I work with who is also a good friend. Friends in high places I do have. Anyhow, my V.P of Finance and my boss his wife and mother to their 8 year old had lost her battle with cancer. A brain tumor that was irremovable completely and was diagnosed with having this for the last 5 years. Long time. 

It was inevitable and we all at the company I've been working at for going now on 8 years were well aware that this was happening and so I can say that I'm still quite in shock even though we all knew it was only a matter of time. But this is what hit me the most: Their 8 year old, Andrew, and yes that's his real name, kissed his mum and told her good-bye and I love you before leaving for school not knowing that this would be the last time he would be able to say those words and provide that sentiment to his dying mum. :wiping a tear: THAT'S what hit me the most. I don't feel you've told someone you love enough times or should ever feel you've said it to often because you never know if this will be the last time you'll ever have the opportunity to say it.    

I'm most likely attending the funeral and I will give the big guy my support and condolences to his family. I've known his wife having worked with her prior to falling under such a demise of brain cancer that I will truly say her never ending smiles and laughter will be truly missed. 

Now on to my Ramblings :shrugs: It's a day made just for it. 

So this gets me to thinking: You can't alter the past, but your words and actions of here and now can alter your future. What's done has been done, but why? In a temper tantrum? Out of anger? You feel you are wronged and you can't let bygones be bygones and just move on with life? I do admit that I have regrets from my past and I can't undo, but you can learn from them and do it differently going forward. So here it is: To those that I have wronged in any way shape or form? I'm completely sorry. To those that have befriended me and remain a part of my life to this day? I'm not sorry, but rather more than happy to have you a part of my life, therefore I just can't be sorry for something such as this. :winks:

I also ask myself this without rhyme or reason: 
  • Why should trivial things matter?
  • Why can't everyone just be who they want to be and love those they wish to love without being judged?
  • Why is there hatred?
  • Where's the freedom? 
  • What's the point of war?
  • Why can't everyone just get along?

So many questions that will forever go unanswered, but that the way my mind works and always will till my time on this earth has passed. 

Sometimes it really makes my head hurt! 

Back to planting my keester on the couch and settling down with a good book and of course I'm going to end this post with a song. Cause I wanna! 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday eye candy

My brains are scrambled after seeing this so I'm gonna share. I'm going to thank Zach Sweets for putting him into my brain. 

Who is he? Dave Navarro! And a character in my story. Soon to be posted here, yet to be edited :snickering:

If you have Facebook... Here is his page:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


*hopping in to crash on the nearest fluffy oh-so-comfy chair* 

Well..... as they say, best laid plans are bound to crash and burn. *exhausted* Right, so we make plans to take over the world and set fire to the blogsphere as we know it... and I catch this evil sonofabitching thing called CRUD.... I swear to god I have never heard of such a horrid virus as this; turns balls to balloons, casts the hell fire upon your personage, demonic delusions, and to beat all, the bloody plague of pneumonia. 

Yah..... its so fun I might sing ring-around-the-rosie backwards while doused in garlic and holy water blessed from Tibetan monks during the festival of silence whilst wearing sheer sheets and stomping black muck warm... Hey it worked for all those corpses back in the good old days. *groans*

So, back to the plot: Operation take over the blogsphere went straight into hospitals and biz, then, more hospitals, and now a broken leg, house fire, and adventurous mouses (yes I know the true form of the word). 

I do however plan to kick up said leg and get some work done between battles of alien and hairy monster attacks, or worse, the ever scary mini screaming crack-baby-mouse and his horrifying butt gravy! Giant mouse recommends helmets and a very big gun with lazers.

.... so far it hasn't made a dent.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 2010

     IF life could get any worse for me I wouldn't be surprised. Yes I do cuss and I can make a sailor blush from my language. Stuck in the house almost 24/7 with my stepson. My mate is off and now doesn't come home to very late from working on motors. Let's not forget he's still stuck in the middle of his psycotic ex's current relationship. When does a person draw the f***ing line for enough? And am I pissed? You bet those boots I am. it seems like I am so far down on his list of priorities that I don't even f***ing exist. Not to mention my emotions are still on that roller coaster while being pg. It's like I can win for trying. So what do I have to loose anymore? Have I had enough of the bullshit? You bet those sweet boots I have. Have I talked to him about this shit? You bet I have but it does me no damn f***ing good. So I'm starting to go into shut down mode. Is it good for me and the baby? Hell no but what else can I do? You know. Not to mention I'm missing time alone with him so that doesn't help me in the least. But I know what will happen and I'm not wanting in that doghouse anymore. So I just start to bottle it all back up again. And hopefully my emotions will stay in the deep freeze for the rest of my life. One can only hope. Ty for the vent everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In My Know

I prompted myself to post to TRY and flag down my ragged, jagged nerves that are running ragged to no end. In exactly 12 hours from now I'll be hospital at the OR undergoing major surgery. I was doing pretty well until I had all 4 facal piercings removed, my many arm ties and my 3 coats of black nail polish on my toenails gone. Those on this worldwide web that are in close contact with me and I consider friends have the scoop behind the reason for this operation with I will not divulge or disclose here. 

The main reason for this post is I want to talk about something other. That if I talk about it than it's a kick to my lazy arse to commit myself after all this time. What is that? Well... about a year ago today I wrote a story that had reached 100 pages and I WAS going to publish it as a book. Something happened though. Something that affected me so deeply and emotionally that I tossed this story to the wayside, in a folder to be forgotten and wanting to forget it. Don't ask what. I let bygones be bygones and it's all in the past. But a few good author friends, one of them even edited it for me, the other beta'd to give me his feedback and told me to 'think' about it and don't trash it completely. I decide with 2 weeks of recuperating on my hands after tomorrow to pull this long forgotten story out of it's hidden folder and go through it with a fine tooth final edit. Will I publish it though? Erm nope. I've decided rather to post it here. I'll blog one page every other day to allow you to read it yourself. I'll be posting it to my writer's group as well, but they expect that of me anyhow.:snickering:

What's it about?

First I'll show you pictures of the 2 main characters who inspired this story. If I have pics of my characters I work better at writing them.

First I'll introduce to you Nikolas Djarum. He's tall, he's dark and he's lethal. Not just in looks.

Below is Kyler Blakely. He's adorable, he's got sass and an attitude to go with it. He's the bane to Nikolas's existence :winks:


As an assassin and the leader of an elite team of Special Forces agents it's up to Nikolas to see to the safety, well being and welfare of his team on every mission. His goal? To come out successful, mission accomplished and their lives intact. Nikolas has made one wrong mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. As Nikolas recovers from a mission gone horribly wrong he doubts himself and his abilities at being a leader, a Dominant and Master.

Kyler has been around the block one too many times with the wrong Master and vouches never to get himself put into that position again, but one chance encounter, a blind date set up by a close friend will change his life. Or will it? Could he learn to trust again? Only time will tell.

Will these two men be able to set aside their personal issues and give in to the explosive chemistry between them that consumes their every breath or will the enemy that is pursuing them forever tear them apart. 

Content: Mild violence, D/s, dubious consent, snarky submissives and a ton of hawt M/M steamy sex. 

Expected release/posting date: March 2012.

I enjoyed writing it at the time, I hope you enjoy reading it. This story will not end at 100 pages. It's going to be a continuous ongoing saga.