Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 2010

     IF life could get any worse for me I wouldn't be surprised. Yes I do cuss and I can make a sailor blush from my language. Stuck in the house almost 24/7 with my stepson. My mate is off and now doesn't come home to very late from working on motors. Let's not forget he's still stuck in the middle of his psycotic ex's current relationship. When does a person draw the f***ing line for enough? And am I pissed? You bet those boots I am. it seems like I am so far down on his list of priorities that I don't even f***ing exist. Not to mention my emotions are still on that roller coaster while being pg. It's like I can win for trying. So what do I have to loose anymore? Have I had enough of the bullshit? You bet those sweet boots I have. Have I talked to him about this shit? You bet I have but it does me no damn f***ing good. So I'm starting to go into shut down mode. Is it good for me and the baby? Hell no but what else can I do? You know. Not to mention I'm missing time alone with him so that doesn't help me in the least. But I know what will happen and I'm not wanting in that doghouse anymore. So I just start to bottle it all back up again. And hopefully my emotions will stay in the deep freeze for the rest of my life. One can only hope. Ty for the vent everyone!


  1. Exploding and venting is a glorious thing... its what keeps the damage to a minimum. With ya sister!!

    Deep freezing doesn't work, but getting a schedule or a doable norm where all is covered and needs met helps. Trust I live in the hell for which u walk in many ways on many levels.

    Feel free to hit me up in mail.