Thursday, February 2, 2012

In My Know

I prompted myself to post to TRY and flag down my ragged, jagged nerves that are running ragged to no end. In exactly 12 hours from now I'll be hospital at the OR undergoing major surgery. I was doing pretty well until I had all 4 facal piercings removed, my many arm ties and my 3 coats of black nail polish on my toenails gone. Those on this worldwide web that are in close contact with me and I consider friends have the scoop behind the reason for this operation with I will not divulge or disclose here. 

The main reason for this post is I want to talk about something other. That if I talk about it than it's a kick to my lazy arse to commit myself after all this time. What is that? Well... about a year ago today I wrote a story that had reached 100 pages and I WAS going to publish it as a book. Something happened though. Something that affected me so deeply and emotionally that I tossed this story to the wayside, in a folder to be forgotten and wanting to forget it. Don't ask what. I let bygones be bygones and it's all in the past. But a few good author friends, one of them even edited it for me, the other beta'd to give me his feedback and told me to 'think' about it and don't trash it completely. I decide with 2 weeks of recuperating on my hands after tomorrow to pull this long forgotten story out of it's hidden folder and go through it with a fine tooth final edit. Will I publish it though? Erm nope. I've decided rather to post it here. I'll blog one page every other day to allow you to read it yourself. I'll be posting it to my writer's group as well, but they expect that of me anyhow.:snickering:

What's it about?

First I'll show you pictures of the 2 main characters who inspired this story. If I have pics of my characters I work better at writing them.

First I'll introduce to you Nikolas Djarum. He's tall, he's dark and he's lethal. Not just in looks.

Below is Kyler Blakely. He's adorable, he's got sass and an attitude to go with it. He's the bane to Nikolas's existence :winks:


As an assassin and the leader of an elite team of Special Forces agents it's up to Nikolas to see to the safety, well being and welfare of his team on every mission. His goal? To come out successful, mission accomplished and their lives intact. Nikolas has made one wrong mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. As Nikolas recovers from a mission gone horribly wrong he doubts himself and his abilities at being a leader, a Dominant and Master.

Kyler has been around the block one too many times with the wrong Master and vouches never to get himself put into that position again, but one chance encounter, a blind date set up by a close friend will change his life. Or will it? Could he learn to trust again? Only time will tell.

Will these two men be able to set aside their personal issues and give in to the explosive chemistry between them that consumes their every breath or will the enemy that is pursuing them forever tear them apart. 

Content: Mild violence, D/s, dubious consent, snarky submissives and a ton of hawt M/M steamy sex. 

Expected release/posting date: March 2012.

I enjoyed writing it at the time, I hope you enjoy reading it. This story will not end at 100 pages. It's going to be a continuous ongoing saga.