Tuesday, February 7, 2012


*hopping in to crash on the nearest fluffy oh-so-comfy chair* 

Well..... as they say, best laid plans are bound to crash and burn. *exhausted* Right, so we make plans to take over the world and set fire to the blogsphere as we know it... and I catch this evil sonofabitching thing called CRUD.... I swear to god I have never heard of such a horrid virus as this; turns balls to balloons, casts the hell fire upon your personage, demonic delusions, and to beat all, the bloody plague of pneumonia. 

Yah..... its so fun I might sing ring-around-the-rosie backwards while doused in garlic and holy water blessed from Tibetan monks during the festival of silence whilst wearing sheer sheets and stomping black muck warm... Hey it worked for all those corpses back in the good old days. *groans*

So, back to the plot: Operation take over the blogsphere went straight into hospitals and biz, then, more hospitals, and now a broken leg, house fire, and adventurous mouses (yes I know the true form of the word). 

I do however plan to kick up said leg and get some work done between battles of alien and hairy monster attacks, or worse, the ever scary mini screaming crack-baby-mouse and his horrifying butt gravy! Giant mouse recommends helmets and a very big gun with lazers.

.... so far it hasn't made a dent.

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