Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eternal Peace

 While on my 2 weeks of recuperation I was contacted by one of the V.P's I work with who is also a good friend. Friends in high places I do have. Anyhow, my V.P of Finance and my boss his wife and mother to their 8 year old had lost her battle with cancer. A brain tumor that was irremovable completely and was diagnosed with having this for the last 5 years. Long time. 

It was inevitable and we all at the company I've been working at for going now on 8 years were well aware that this was happening and so I can say that I'm still quite in shock even though we all knew it was only a matter of time. But this is what hit me the most: Their 8 year old, Andrew, and yes that's his real name, kissed his mum and told her good-bye and I love you before leaving for school not knowing that this would be the last time he would be able to say those words and provide that sentiment to his dying mum. :wiping a tear: THAT'S what hit me the most. I don't feel you've told someone you love enough times or should ever feel you've said it to often because you never know if this will be the last time you'll ever have the opportunity to say it.    

I'm most likely attending the funeral and I will give the big guy my support and condolences to his family. I've known his wife having worked with her prior to falling under such a demise of brain cancer that I will truly say her never ending smiles and laughter will be truly missed. 

Now on to my Ramblings :shrugs: It's a day made just for it. 

So this gets me to thinking: You can't alter the past, but your words and actions of here and now can alter your future. What's done has been done, but why? In a temper tantrum? Out of anger? You feel you are wronged and you can't let bygones be bygones and just move on with life? I do admit that I have regrets from my past and I can't undo, but you can learn from them and do it differently going forward. So here it is: To those that I have wronged in any way shape or form? I'm completely sorry. To those that have befriended me and remain a part of my life to this day? I'm not sorry, but rather more than happy to have you a part of my life, therefore I just can't be sorry for something such as this. :winks:

I also ask myself this without rhyme or reason: 
  • Why should trivial things matter?
  • Why can't everyone just be who they want to be and love those they wish to love without being judged?
  • Why is there hatred?
  • Where's the freedom? 
  • What's the point of war?
  • Why can't everyone just get along?

So many questions that will forever go unanswered, but that the way my mind works and always will till my time on this earth has passed. 

Sometimes it really makes my head hurt! 

Back to planting my keester on the couch and settling down with a good book and of course I'm going to end this post with a song. Cause I wanna! 



  1. Love you Sid!! ~Hugs and snuggles~ I am sure the woman was a great person. Cancer gets to me whoever it is where ever they are. I just want cancer to be curable at some point for the world.

    Loved the song.