Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 2013

     Sorry for not being able to be on here much. But as you all know life gets in the way. I mean seriously in the way. Now to bring everyone up to speed. My mate and I had court earlier this month to see if we are going to be able get our little pup permy? Well everything has gone slower than malosses but we are going to get her back here very soon. Now our little pup had surgery on the 22nd of this month. She's doing good.

     As far as I go...*snickers* I'm ready to show everyone involved with us just how much a bitch I can truly be. Reason is this the 'foster family' that our little  pup is with is trying to call all the fucking shots here. Instead of doing what is fucking convient for us they are doing what is convient for them. Examples are as followed: Treating me like I'm nothing just some dumb bitch that got knocked up with her and so forth. I had one helluva bad experience with this 'mother'. She is a bible-thumping, holier than thou, perfect mother. I'm ready to just chew her up and spit out her fucking remains. (sorry for the cussing)

     She has treated me like I shouldn't even be a mother. She has micromanaged me for the entire hospital stay. She even cut our pup's hair after we were specific to her about what not to cut. Then she had layers put in it. Doesn't not look good on my pup. She has even talked with the peditriation to get my pup cleared for funeral that she doesn't even need to go too. So the foster bitch even took it upon herself to change my pup's appointment with the peditriatan and doesn't even tell me about it until now.

      Yeah, I'm not to fucking happy right now with this 'foster fucking mother'. She thinks that she and her fucking family are going to be able to keep my pup permy. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT........Over my fucking dead body. *bites foster mother extremely hard*

      One good thing is that we now have a charger for the computer so I will be able to get online more often now *smiles*

      Love everyone *hugs all tightly* Thank you for bearing with me through this entire bs.