Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WHOOP There it is!!

Have you seen this? This is coming out this Friday and being the movie horror guru that I am I'll be there! I'm no pansy or skittish when it comes to demonic horror, but don't give me no slaughter flicks where there's nothing but chopping and gore. That's just SICK. So I can't have popcorn, but who the fawk cares! 

                     The Possession(2012)

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Don't ask, don't tell.

As some of you may have noticed... my ultimate change in profile pic. Well guess what? It's the REAL me. I know some of you have had reserves on posting your real self, for your own personal reasons and guess what? I truly respect that, but in the past I've used other pics that were not actually me and I've been slapped for it by some who I thought were actually friends. Now it seems thanks to a post by a true friend who made awareness to it, that if you use a pic of a real 'person' without their express permission you can get slapped with a hefty lawsuit by the said person who claims ownership to that photo of them. I take that seriously. Although the picture I had used in the past I was permitted to use it since they are a friend of mine and I'm not stupid as to NOT ask first. It wasn't with intent to use another's photo, but I tried to hide thinking no one would accept me for who I really am.

It's seems that no matter how well you treat others or even how good, generous and considerate you are it all means SHIT when you get down to the fine brass knuckles. It's never what's on the inside that counts no matter what people alternately tell you, but rather what's on the outside and your appearance is everything. I've lost ones I thought were TRUE friends over it and I'm not going to put up with it anymore and I'm not going to hide anymore. Not for YOU and not for ANYONE. Life is too short! You know what really makes me laugh though? It's those that want to throw the death stones at you or be the first to throw you under the bus? They are GUILTY themselves of doing what I was accused of by them. How ironic. Does that mean I can be the first to throw the stones of blame back? Alas I'm not that cruel and I don't believe in vengeance. I prefer to walk away and never look back with my middle finder pointed high to the sky as I walk on and forward. Been there, done that and I've moved on to more shallow waters. I for one have nothing to hide. ANYMORE. Never did really, but that's then and this is now and que sera, sera.

In the coming future of blog posts there's more I'm going to Show and Tell. Gradually. All in stride I say! Those of you who stood and stand by me cause they didn't care? Bless everyone of you. Your heart is truly pure to me. I don't take friendship for granted or lightly and I'm there when needed. :nods:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cause I am sans the heat I would more if it would just Go Away! 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Asta la vista bébé

I'm outta here for the weekend. Headed up North with the boys to visit my 'rents. I can honestly say I miss them. Huh! That coming from me who finds my pop royally gets on my last nerve with his forgetting everything from one minute to the next. The Doc says he's now a borderline diabetic, but what has that changed? Shit fawk all where he's concerned. He still consumes nightly the same quantity of booze and he has no intentions of changing. Oh but wait! I'm wrong. He went from adding Coke in his miss to replacing it with Coke Zero. :snorts: La Di Fawking Dah!!

I'm tired although this new life change in eating has made me feel better physically, but mentally I'm a fawking mess. I don't know whether I'm coming or going anymore and I'm at an impasse where I don't care and I really don't give a shit one way or the other. People(s) wherever, at work or what not keep asking me: How's you diet coming along? ..... Fawkwads it's NOT a diet IT'S a life altering change. Can they get that through their thick skulls for crying out loud!! I'm tired, wiped, you can tell by my rambling. Whatever!

This week has been a royal blast though dealing with our local wildlife. You heard right. It all starts Saturday while I'm sitting in my cozy living room and reading a book. I kept seeing this shadow out of the corner of my eye and the cat jumping up from beside me on the couch and trying to grab something. Lo and behold I look up and it's a BAT! You heard me a big, black, blood sucking bat. And not the 'turns into a gorgeous hunky vamp' kind either I didn't know till then how loud and high I could scream. A glass breaking, ear piercing, eardrum shattering scream. You can bet your toots that I was running light my arse was on fire, out of the room and right out the damn front door. My neighbor was outside and working on his car. Looked up at me baffled. I became this stuttering fool and told the guy: Well don't just stand there, man! There's a bat in MY living room. Please get the bastard OUT!  The sweet man that he is went inside and me following with a coat wrapped around my head like a turban followed him in and watched him work his magic and got the critter out. WHEW!

Two nights later on the Tuesday... This black Lil squirrel got it into his thick skull that he want in my house. Oh hell fawking no he wasn't :snapping fingers: When going after it with the fly swatter wouldn't work I threw pillows at it hitting the screen door. That did the trick let me tell yeah.

Next night, Wednesday... :sighs: My boy keeps telling me he's hearing growling coming from under the back deck. J.H. Christ. What now?!? He says he's gonna jump up and down on the back deck to scare it off. No matter how hard I tried to sway him not to and just close the glass door and stay inside. Hey, it could be a rabid something right? He's not deterred by this, goes out, jumps up and down like a fool and dashes back inside. He tells me: Nope it's still out there. :rubbing my face: So I go to the kitchen and get myself and drink then hear yelling going on. I run to see what the hell is up. 

He's out there with a fly swatter trying to hit something, then darts inside.

Me: What the living hell are you doing?
Kid: Oh my god! A raccoon came up the railing of our deck and was staring at me with these glowing eyes. Me laughing to kill myself: Ok so it's a possessed coon now?
Kid: I swear it came out of nowhere.
Me: And what did you hope to accomplish with a fly swatter?
Kid looks down at said swatter in his hand, back up at me then at it again: You can laugh all you want 'little person' but I did scare it off. 

So that's the highlight of the animal capers. Hope you enjoyed my very true story and I wish you all an awesome weekend!

Over and out! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cry Silent Tears by Joe Peters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As I said in my comment on Goodreads: I've read A child Called IT and this one is by far the worst case yet. I was trying to get through it, but it was killing me emotionally and mentally by the viscous, horrific, deplorable acts within this book and that's only mentioning a few of the choice words that come to mind up front. I'm strong, but not that strong and was unsure if I could continue this one, but I have and I conquered it yet not without lasting affects to my psych. I can't for the life of me imagine suffering through such an ordeal as Joe had and even coming out of it with a shred of sanity left.

He's so strong that it takes my breath away.

His story is one that's hard to endure through page after page of the painful tortures, beatings, rape, even mental and physical abuse at the hands of his mother, brothers and anyone who came into his life once his father who thought the world of his son died in a tragical accident. Knowing this is happening and it's out there as foretold in Joe's story which is all too vivid and real will have you wanting to hold onto him for dear life and wishing that everything could have better for him and had been there for him where all others had failed him and were not.

I know Joe won't see this review, but it doesn't matter. Joe? I'm so dayum proud of you. You are truly hope to the next generations that fight the same fight.

Awesome story!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye... :sniffs:

I bet you thought... LMAO! 

I'm laughing on the outside, but it's all an act to save face. I'm saying goodbye to all my favorite foods. I will truly miss you and never be able to even taste you again on the tip of my tongue. I never thought I'd see the day where there's more food you CAN'T eat rather than the food you CAN. 

TRUST me when I tell you fawk the diets, forget watching what you eat and if you truly want a certain food well goddammit HAVE IT! You never know when that day will come when you're being told that you can never eat a certain something or somethings ever again. Your LIFE depends on it.

Lemme see if you're feeling my pain after I you read this. 

- No dairy products such as milk, cream, cheeses and yogurt etc..
- Replace cow's milk with alternatives such as: Almond, Soy, Hemp or Rice milk
- Avoid ice-cream and sherbet
- Avoid cheese flavored products such as chips and crackers
- Nothing with tomato in it (substitute tomato with basil pesto and for pizza try whole wheat pita bread) :wrinkles nose and gagging:
- No bread. For toast or sandwiches use medium or dark rye
- Rice? Not unless it's gluten-free ancient grains
- Absofawkinglutely no beef or pork! But I can have fish, turkey or chicken. Very limited seafood
- Fruits: No Banana, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, oranges etc...  I CAN have apples, berries, cherries, pomegranate, watermelon and pineapple on occasion.
- No potato, pumpkin or squash
- No Carbonated beverages such as soda, pop and sparkling water.
- No raw or powdered garlic
- Do not fry the foods. Grill, bake or poach
- No margarine. Use unsalted butter.
- For cooking  use olive oil
- No alcohol DUH that was a given!

This is the one I'm have the most trouble with: Limit coffee and black tea. Herbal tea is better. 

- No Salt on anything.

I can have Protein shakes, but Absolute Vegetarian Protein ones.

For sweet cravings eat watermelon with cinnamon on it :rolls eyes: Can you see me drooling with want for some?


:sighs: This is depressing, but it's only these foods I can eat that my kidneys will be able to process and then there's a slew of vitamins to go along with the medications I'm on.

Is it just me cause I'm not having a very positive outlook these days and what's even worse is I don't KNOW anyone else going through what I am that I can talk to. I think I need to find a bereavement group for this. For the loss of all the great foods I enjoyed over the years. :snickering:

If you are taking the time to read this, please I ask you if you even care to maybe help me out and maybe know someone who will lend an ear or give advice or hey even some links where I can find recipes that accommodate my new lifestyle change cause I'm tired of my bland food and eating the same foods repeatedly. My dinner plate really looks pathetic and unappealing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Phoenix by Joey James Hook

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to go back and read the descipt on this story one more time prior to writing my thoughts on this one. Just to be sure, yeah know?

I liked it, but not to a full 5 star this time. I'll explain why eventually. To all you curious George's this book is M/M no matter what. The story centers very much around Blake who is transgender and transitioning or at least trying to from the body of the girl his was born in to a boy/young man. If only life were so simple to those of us that are in Blake's same situation. Not so simple. Blake has to endure bullying and it's a shame, but the author knew what he was writing cause he hit the nail on the head with the issue of bullying. So sad, but so real.

Devon and Riley, what a pair, an awesome match, perfect actually since their mannerisms and personalities didn't clash but rather they complement each other. Both guys have their own set of issues, but with a strange turn of events these guys all come together and become friends.

I apologize in advance for this major spoiler, but I just had to share the part I got a real kick out of. Skip this part if you don't wish to know or continue at your own risk :snickering: Now sssshh and listen!

There's a part in the book where the boys are sitting down and eating fries, some friendly bantering is going on. Riley eats one of the few fries that Devon has left and Devin pouts. Riley tells Devon he still has two more then says: "And besides, what're you trying to achieve by pouting at me like that? You want me to regurgitate it?" :snorts: This was priceless. Ok to me.

What lost that one star with me: Even though the summary makes mention of the three guys, technically there are four and the fourth was Ethan who plays a huge part in Blake's life and in a majority of the story. I just wished like the others he was incorporated into it more since having him there was vital to Blake and his state of mind.

That about covers it in a nutshell and all in all: Another good story by Joey. I'm ready for what Joey cooks up next for our reading pleasure :grins:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Two Three, Shatter by Joey James Hook

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this book and needed to get this review down now in writing before whatever I needed to say on it passed me by and I'd miss out on some pretty pertinent facts in how to express myself and this story.

Whew! Can I say that I first groaned when I noticed the story is 752 pages long? But would you believe me when I say that when I reached the last page of the story with: The End that I wanted more!

There's no doubt that there is M/F and M/M and I shocked even myself on reading it. In the norm world of reading as you'll see in my bookshelf that everything is M/M, but I gave it a shot. The beginning of the story is all M/F but keep patient and that patience will pay of to being M/M. Hell, just skip the sex scenes if you must, but you must check out this book if you're not to squeamish over the sensitive content to some of you readers.

The story starts from the time Kaleb is 4 years old up until he's 32 for my calculations. There's a whole clusterfawk of shit in his life and I'm surprised that it ended the way it had.

His mother walks out on him right from the getgo at the beginning of the story, promising to return for him, but doesn't. Everything in his life goes to shit from that point on. His father and older brother continually abuse him both physical, mentally and sexually. Yeah you read that last word right. They are pricks, but justice is served against the bastards. The abuse will continue till Kaleb is about 15 when he takes off.

You'll read how he battles a life of drug and alcohol addiction. He self mutilates to keep in controls and he's quite self distructive, but that's the the character he's portrayed to being in this story. You'll read about his first girlfriend, then his second one who gives him a daughter, a child he wants no part of and finally the one man that steals his heart and teaches him what love is all about.

You'll get so frustrated as hell by Kaleb's cold heart and his attitude, but having known about his past in reading about it you'll get the why. I could have shaken him with my anger at times, I could have cried for him and the injustice of what life served him and I wanted to laugh with his blunt sarcasm and telling you the way it is, no bullshitting around.

Joey, the author, wrote one hellova a book here that deserves the rating I gave it. Perhaps more and I hope this review does the book some justice although, maybe not, but I can only cut it to the best of my ability as a reviewer.

I'm def posting this to my blog and I'm hitting up his next book Phoenix to see if it meets the same high standards I've met with this one.

Two thumbs up on the way!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh. My. God! Have you seen this?

I saw this last night on ET Canada and am I the only one that can't wait to see this? I'm going to be the first one to say I'm shocked if this bring this to the theaters. Perhaps it's going to be very closeted? Hmm I wonder, so... Dying to see this, my dawwwllliiinss!

This is no longer a rumour, so what I’m about to announce here is true. Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are going to star in a movie about Liberace, and his gay lover Scott Thorson


The Liberace Movie is the latest directorial venture undertaken by acclaimed and renowned movie maker Steven Soderbergh. Not sure why Damon feels compelled to play the role of the gay lover, but it is indeed true Douglas and Damon will share many on-screen kisses in the movie. Set gaydar to auto-detect.

The movie is based on Liberace, and his boy-toy Scott Thorson, Liberace’s 24-year-old bodyguard, limo driver and companion of 5 years. Shit got real when Scott Thorson, took the entertainer to court, suing from $113 million in palimony. Liberace continued to deny any allegations, and although Thorson’s claim was largely unsuccessful, he did receive a $95,000 settlement. You know what? Sounds like Thorson had a bad lawyer. 

The pianist was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and was hospitalised in January of 1987 with suspected anemia. He died just a couple of weeks later. Though his condition was never made public, an autopsy following his death confirmed that Liberace died from AIDS. Yep, real shocker, AIDS.