Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Two Three, Shatter by Joey James Hook

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this book and needed to get this review down now in writing before whatever I needed to say on it passed me by and I'd miss out on some pretty pertinent facts in how to express myself and this story.

Whew! Can I say that I first groaned when I noticed the story is 752 pages long? But would you believe me when I say that when I reached the last page of the story with: The End that I wanted more!

There's no doubt that there is M/F and M/M and I shocked even myself on reading it. In the norm world of reading as you'll see in my bookshelf that everything is M/M, but I gave it a shot. The beginning of the story is all M/F but keep patient and that patience will pay of to being M/M. Hell, just skip the sex scenes if you must, but you must check out this book if you're not to squeamish over the sensitive content to some of you readers.

The story starts from the time Kaleb is 4 years old up until he's 32 for my calculations. There's a whole clusterfawk of shit in his life and I'm surprised that it ended the way it had.

His mother walks out on him right from the getgo at the beginning of the story, promising to return for him, but doesn't. Everything in his life goes to shit from that point on. His father and older brother continually abuse him both physical, mentally and sexually. Yeah you read that last word right. They are pricks, but justice is served against the bastards. The abuse will continue till Kaleb is about 15 when he takes off.

You'll read how he battles a life of drug and alcohol addiction. He self mutilates to keep in controls and he's quite self distructive, but that's the the character he's portrayed to being in this story. You'll read about his first girlfriend, then his second one who gives him a daughter, a child he wants no part of and finally the one man that steals his heart and teaches him what love is all about.

You'll get so frustrated as hell by Kaleb's cold heart and his attitude, but having known about his past in reading about it you'll get the why. I could have shaken him with my anger at times, I could have cried for him and the injustice of what life served him and I wanted to laugh with his blunt sarcasm and telling you the way it is, no bullshitting around.

Joey, the author, wrote one hellova a book here that deserves the rating I gave it. Perhaps more and I hope this review does the book some justice although, maybe not, but I can only cut it to the best of my ability as a reviewer.

I'm def posting this to my blog and I'm hitting up his next book Phoenix to see if it meets the same high standards I've met with this one.

Two thumbs up on the way!

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