Saturday, August 25, 2012


Don't ask, don't tell.

As some of you may have noticed... my ultimate change in profile pic. Well guess what? It's the REAL me. I know some of you have had reserves on posting your real self, for your own personal reasons and guess what? I truly respect that, but in the past I've used other pics that were not actually me and I've been slapped for it by some who I thought were actually friends. Now it seems thanks to a post by a true friend who made awareness to it, that if you use a pic of a real 'person' without their express permission you can get slapped with a hefty lawsuit by the said person who claims ownership to that photo of them. I take that seriously. Although the picture I had used in the past I was permitted to use it since they are a friend of mine and I'm not stupid as to NOT ask first. It wasn't with intent to use another's photo, but I tried to hide thinking no one would accept me for who I really am.

It's seems that no matter how well you treat others or even how good, generous and considerate you are it all means SHIT when you get down to the fine brass knuckles. It's never what's on the inside that counts no matter what people alternately tell you, but rather what's on the outside and your appearance is everything. I've lost ones I thought were TRUE friends over it and I'm not going to put up with it anymore and I'm not going to hide anymore. Not for YOU and not for ANYONE. Life is too short! You know what really makes me laugh though? It's those that want to throw the death stones at you or be the first to throw you under the bus? They are GUILTY themselves of doing what I was accused of by them. How ironic. Does that mean I can be the first to throw the stones of blame back? Alas I'm not that cruel and I don't believe in vengeance. I prefer to walk away and never look back with my middle finder pointed high to the sky as I walk on and forward. Been there, done that and I've moved on to more shallow waters. I for one have nothing to hide. ANYMORE. Never did really, but that's then and this is now and que sera, sera.

In the coming future of blog posts there's more I'm going to Show and Tell. Gradually. All in stride I say! Those of you who stood and stand by me cause they didn't care? Bless everyone of you. Your heart is truly pure to me. I don't take friendship for granted or lightly and I'm there when needed. :nods:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cause I am sans the heat I would more if it would just Go Away! 



  1. {squeezes you} HI! :D

  2. ((Eddy)) Yeah think so? They've nicknamed me Rockstar at work :snorts:

    ((Kat)) HI HI HI!!!

    ((Nancy)) Lurve yeah too, dawlin'!

    (((Sunshine))) :saluting my second son: Missed yeah little guy :snickering: I shouldn't say that cause we're bout the same height, but little in reference to age only :winks:

  3. HI! I've missed you! Oh but then again I missed a lot and just now getting caught up on everything. ~Blows kisses and hugs to you~ Love you!