Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Phoenix by Joey James Hook

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to go back and read the descipt on this story one more time prior to writing my thoughts on this one. Just to be sure, yeah know?

I liked it, but not to a full 5 star this time. I'll explain why eventually. To all you curious George's this book is M/M no matter what. The story centers very much around Blake who is transgender and transitioning or at least trying to from the body of the girl his was born in to a boy/young man. If only life were so simple to those of us that are in Blake's same situation. Not so simple. Blake has to endure bullying and it's a shame, but the author knew what he was writing cause he hit the nail on the head with the issue of bullying. So sad, but so real.

Devon and Riley, what a pair, an awesome match, perfect actually since their mannerisms and personalities didn't clash but rather they complement each other. Both guys have their own set of issues, but with a strange turn of events these guys all come together and become friends.

I apologize in advance for this major spoiler, but I just had to share the part I got a real kick out of. Skip this part if you don't wish to know or continue at your own risk :snickering: Now sssshh and listen!

There's a part in the book where the boys are sitting down and eating fries, some friendly bantering is going on. Riley eats one of the few fries that Devon has left and Devin pouts. Riley tells Devon he still has two more then says: "And besides, what're you trying to achieve by pouting at me like that? You want me to regurgitate it?" :snorts: This was priceless. Ok to me.

What lost that one star with me: Even though the summary makes mention of the three guys, technically there are four and the fourth was Ethan who plays a huge part in Blake's life and in a majority of the story. I just wished like the others he was incorporated into it more since having him there was vital to Blake and his state of mind.

That about covers it in a nutshell and all in all: Another good story by Joey. I'm ready for what Joey cooks up next for our reading pleasure :grins:

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