Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye... :sniffs:

I bet you thought... LMAO! 

I'm laughing on the outside, but it's all an act to save face. I'm saying goodbye to all my favorite foods. I will truly miss you and never be able to even taste you again on the tip of my tongue. I never thought I'd see the day where there's more food you CAN'T eat rather than the food you CAN. 

TRUST me when I tell you fawk the diets, forget watching what you eat and if you truly want a certain food well goddammit HAVE IT! You never know when that day will come when you're being told that you can never eat a certain something or somethings ever again. Your LIFE depends on it.

Lemme see if you're feeling my pain after I you read this. 

- No dairy products such as milk, cream, cheeses and yogurt etc..
- Replace cow's milk with alternatives such as: Almond, Soy, Hemp or Rice milk
- Avoid ice-cream and sherbet
- Avoid cheese flavored products such as chips and crackers
- Nothing with tomato in it (substitute tomato with basil pesto and for pizza try whole wheat pita bread) :wrinkles nose and gagging:
- No bread. For toast or sandwiches use medium or dark rye
- Rice? Not unless it's gluten-free ancient grains
- Absofawkinglutely no beef or pork! But I can have fish, turkey or chicken. Very limited seafood
- Fruits: No Banana, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, oranges etc...  I CAN have apples, berries, cherries, pomegranate, watermelon and pineapple on occasion.
- No potato, pumpkin or squash
- No Carbonated beverages such as soda, pop and sparkling water.
- No raw or powdered garlic
- Do not fry the foods. Grill, bake or poach
- No margarine. Use unsalted butter.
- For cooking  use olive oil
- No alcohol DUH that was a given!

This is the one I'm have the most trouble with: Limit coffee and black tea. Herbal tea is better. 

- No Salt on anything.

I can have Protein shakes, but Absolute Vegetarian Protein ones.

For sweet cravings eat watermelon with cinnamon on it :rolls eyes: Can you see me drooling with want for some?


:sighs: This is depressing, but it's only these foods I can eat that my kidneys will be able to process and then there's a slew of vitamins to go along with the medications I'm on.

Is it just me cause I'm not having a very positive outlook these days and what's even worse is I don't KNOW anyone else going through what I am that I can talk to. I think I need to find a bereavement group for this. For the loss of all the great foods I enjoyed over the years. :snickering:

If you are taking the time to read this, please I ask you if you even care to maybe help me out and maybe know someone who will lend an ear or give advice or hey even some links where I can find recipes that accommodate my new lifestyle change cause I'm tired of my bland food and eating the same foods repeatedly. My dinner plate really looks pathetic and unappealing.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. My sister has a condition (I can't remember the name of it) where she cannot eat pasta, fruits, white bread and anything that has sugar or white flour in it. She's had a horrible time coping with this. Giving up pasta and chips have been hell for her and every once in a while she cheats when she can't take the temptation any longer. I'll ask her if she has any good recipes and if she knows of any good websites for you to check out.
    I'm sorry you're having to give up your favorites. My husbands entire family is diabetic, and so far he's been able to avoid being one. But I know the day will come when he can not eat all of the foods he loves too. *Hugs* hang in there and let me see what I can find out for you:)


  2. One of my older adopted sisters, Cherie, used to be a nurse. I will ask her. I know that Rachel Ray has a few recipes of how to make things when you're on a restricted diet, Emeril does as well. I'll look into it for you.

    Sorry you're going through this, but happy that your sense of humor and attractive personality are still intact.