Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boot Camp by Todd Strasser

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's horrifying to read this book and come to realize that no matter how much you hear about the existence of boot camps, what occurs in them. I'm a Canadian and I've only heard of one in existence in Ontario and they're shutting the damn lot down after investigating it thoroughly. But aside from that...

The author of this book takes you into the reality of a boot camp. It's a hard story to swallow and I'm going to tell you how while I sat here reading it every nerve ending in my body jumped, every emotion ripped through my like a lightening bolt and I was nauseous and left somewhat traumatized by this story. I tell you now it's not a light read in any shape or form. Not one iota, but I do like that the author gets the word out there that 'let's face it folks it's all to damn real!'

Looking for angst? It's in this book. But if you're a sensitive reader? Stand back and move past this one. If you can take and your balls are brass and your tough as nails? Go for it.

In all I did enjoy this book, but now I'm ready to tackle something with a little less impact on my mental state of mind that's not too stable in thought pattern at the moment after this story.

The following is a trailer to this book. NOT FOR THE FAINT!


  1. Wonderfully informative and moving review, Brendan. I came across one of Todd Strasser's books at the library and for some reason decided against borrowing it. I believe the title was "Give A Boy A Gun". I'll definitely check this one out. It seems he likes to explore controversial issues, which is something I like to see in fiction for young people.

  2. I won't be reading it, but I'm curious if it had a happy ending.

  3. Thanks Nancy! I'm contemplating picking up 'Give A Boy A Gun'. After reading this book I must say that my curiosity is piqued.

    T, if I say yes or no I'd be giving it away to those that are considering reading it, but I will say this: When I was done the book my first reaction was: ARE YOU FAWKING KIDDING ME?!

    About 2 chapters before the ending of the book my mum looked up from reading her book and says: I'm I gonna have to wake your father to take you to emerg again. OIYE!!!