Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 2012

     Hey everyone, Welcome Back Nat :) Hope everyone is enjoying the new year? I have some good news I will be out of school on March 11th of this year with my Associate's in Arts and Comm *party time giggles* Bad news is my stepson is now sick. No fever but as we all know children can spike fevers at any time. So I'm pushing the fluids like peppermint tea to help soothe his upset tummy. Even though I am putting my health at rish nursing him back to health I would do for any child or person that I love dearly :) I just found out that I have a friend that lives over in Scotland that just had surgery. He's doing fine now but he's also taking anti cancer meds to make sure that whatever it was removed doesn't come back. We also just told my stepson about me being pg. So far he's handling the news pretty good it just hasn't fully sunk in yet with him. Love you all *hugs everyone* Demon, I know you are doing better. Should have your story completed before this year is over and sent to you :)


  1. Congrats on almost being finished with school. I hope your stepson gets to feeling better. Happy New Year to you too:)

  2. Ty Andi :) I can't wait to start my last 4 years of college :) And believe it or not the little rat is filling his oats something fierce right now *giggles* So once I grad with my Associate's I will have 6 months off to enjoy and well have a new baby to take care of during that time period too :) I can't wait *giggles*