Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 2012

     Hey everyone, sorry I have been on like I should. But still dealing with a shitty connection.

     I know most of you are parents and are proud of your children no matter the age. I also know that when we make decisions for our children it's usually in their be interests. Well, I made a decision a few years ago that was in the best interest of my mother's granddaughters. Now they don't want anything to do with me as their mother. Hell, as far as they are concerned I'm not even their mother. Maybe it's what I deserve who knows? The oldest girl blames me for leaving home and getting pregnant. My so called sister says that I don't deserve my unborn baby because of my mate saying that I'm going to fall hard and so forth. A person can only imagine what it's like to have your own children hate you and to want nothing to do with you..That is a wound that cuts so deep and you feel like it's never going to heal. Right now I don't know if I'm every going to make it through this emotional Hell? I don't understand why anyone would want absolutely anything to do with me because I am such a complete and utter fuck up? I shine through my writing, I'm called an angel by our sweet Demon but I am no angel and I am far from perfect. But right now I wish I could just drop off the face of the earth. Or at least find a way to deal with this pain... I also know that time heals all wounds but this wound is soul cutting deep don't know if it will ever heal.Here is the message from a 14 year old child and my so call sister...Then tell me how you would feel if you were in my position?

o    its Gabby and everything is fine. . Trustme would i ever lie about life dfine. no so u rnt gonna kick her butt cuz ud haveto get threw me sis bubby and the boys. trust me i wont let u touch her. if u really cared about us, u wouldnt have left and got knocked up. so its u thats not fine or right. bye

o    Wow I haven't talked to her in forever...and yea I do believe u shouldn't be allowed to have a kid in ur situation especially with him and the fact he has had his kids taken away...but ur gonna learn that on ur own. I do believe u need to fall flat on ur ass without help from anyone cause u need to grow up and get a job and take care of urself, hell u couldn't take care of the kids u have what the hell makes me think u can take care of another innocent life...and as far as protecting the girls u ain't done shit but hurt them their whole lives..and now they have to suffer more cause u went and got knocked up and u plan on keeping this one when u couldn't keep them...u are selfish and even though u thought u did right with those flash u did hella wrong...and u can hate me but somebody has to stand up and tell u the truth in reality....and BTW I only said I would take him cause she said u was gonna give the baby to her and I will be damned if I let that bitch or anyone else raise my niece or nephew.

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  1. Angel, I'm gonna be blunt cause that's just me and the way I am. So here it goes...

    This is YOUR life and yours alone to live and no one has the right to live it for you other than yourself. If I let people or anyone I came across for even a millisecond try and live my life for me where would that leave me or even any of us today? Up shit creek without a fawking paddle to get us to shore. Forget them, forget everyone else who is trying to place a negative impact on your life and give off all those negative bad mojo vibes onto you and think of just you and that l'il bundle you're carrying around inside of you.

    That's what should count right now. No one needs to bring a child into a world that's already full of good and bad combined to even more shit just because They are not 'happy' with your choices and the way you choose to live your life with your wolf.

    Here's something short and sweet yet true. My family consists of my 'rents, me and my sis with the kids. Why? Cause my mum's side didn't approve of my pop and and same goes for his side and pop told them all to go fawk themselves and that's the way it is and still is and you know what else? They've been together for errrmm 50yrs and still act they they are newly weds :rolls eyes: But they ignored all and made life the way they chose to with no one else dictating to them how they 'should' live it.

    Get me?

    Love you, mon ange and you know me, Raiden and all your friends are here for yeah. Mostly me, your demon who's is all ears when you need to blow a gasket :winks: Be strong!