Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 2011

     Hey everyone, the holidays are the hardest for me. Reason is the two most important people that we in my life for 30+ have been for almost 20 yrs. But that's how life goes sometimes *smiles gently*. And another reason that this particular holiday is going to be difficult for me is because I won't be able to be with my children. My Wolf is busting his ass to make sure that we can be there with them. I told him that if it happens it happens if not there will be another time. But honestly I have been in the 'dog house' for the last few days. I didn't even know that I was even doing it to him. I guess that I was pawning my 'housewife' duties off on to him without even knowning that I was even doing it. So instead of talking to me about it rationally he literally went off half-cocked. And he even began to throw the food out..Don't ask *rolls eyes* I had literally wanted to throttle him the last few days but now he is calmer and back to himself and for now I'm out of the 'dog house'. Yes there are times when he gets like that that I wonder why I'm even still here? And then the answer comes to me and it's so simple. No matter what trials and tribulations a couple or family goes through it's the love that they share is what counts *smiles gently*

     Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and most of all a loving holiday *hugs everyone*


  1. Angel.... girl, sometimes guys step and screw our hearts and good intentions to smithereens, and then suddenly come back and make all nice and grumpy sorry by actions... and sometimes, WE, the angelic superior race *snickering even as I type* cross lines and make them bugout, boy it may be deeply insane crazy bad... but u can't tell me there isn't something in that that doesn't turn u straight lava hot. *G*

    Right now, now, my caveman has been in the same spot over my on off again issues and brain. Poor grunter he's been turned house slave... and so has my keepers *nods* I have keepers. LOL... but see, in the end u know ur man loves u to death cause normally they just don't do that.

    I kno how it is to have your kids far far away or even kept from u. *hugz* I hope u break through.. if not maybe do a Skype deal. Then u can vid chat and stuff... I've done that plenty of times in the past. I'm not always home or able to bring the fam close.

    *toasts the dog house* I had my own cold icy spot last night. *sigh*

  2. Ty Hun *hugs* There is something about my mate that just turns me to molten lava :) I know what you mean about how they act and do the stuff that drives us crazy at times. But I wouldn't change him for anything in this jacked up, crazy world. You are most def a kindred spirit in this beautiful group of ours. He has thought of a way of me being able to talk to my girls that way it's not so hard on me, especially now with our own little pup on the way *giggles* Hope you come out of the 'dog house' soon :) Being in it is not fun without the half with you *shakes head*

  3. Agreed! x_O

    love him hate him beat him and love him all over again... life with cavemen are never normal but always entertaining.

    Thanx Angel! Feels good to be in sync, XX