Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 2011

     Hey everyone,

     Salutations and seasons greetings. Hope everyone is prepped for Santa to pay them a visit? *winks wickedly* Just a holiday thought here for a change :) We all celebrate Christmas but it seems the meaning of why we truly celebrate this day has been lost throughout the ages more so in this technological modern society of ours. Each year we seem to put ourselves in debt to make sure that everyone in our families get what they want. But no one seems to realize that there are those that don't have anything but yet they have everything that they could want. NOW don't get me wrong I know there are those that do what they can to help those that are in need every day of every year *raises eyebrow* But that isn't what this post is about anyways. Hell I had it perfect in my head now I just can't get it out *giggles embarrassingly* Basically what I am trying to say is this when everything is said and done. And we sit with our mates looking at those that we raised and those children that we love dearly. And we think to ourselves that we haven't accomplished anything in this life just remember this look into those faces of your loved ones and see the greatest accomplishment that was achieved. Then realize that you did that whether is was on your own as a single parent or as a couple. Now I do have an inside joke about myself and it goes like this "I couldn't make angel if I died". Now I know 4 people that would kick my ass til hell won't have it anymore on that comment. Only problem is 3 of them can't *blows raspberries at Sid and Raiden* But one does because he knows that it's not the truth just like the others. But family is important no matter what happens. And to me I have the best family there is. My mate, my brother Finni (Scotland), Raiden (my wacky sister) :), Demon (who is vacationing but not far from my thoughts). You all are the best and so much apart of me that there are times I wonder where I would be if our paths haven't crossed? I know that answer very well. And here it is: We have all walked lifetimes together. Our souls recognize each other. Even though we are far apart we are still connected by heart and soul. And we will continue to walk each lifetime together until we are truly reunited as one family. Love you all and have a safe and wonderful holiday. See you all next  year :) and hugs*

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