Friday, September 2, 2011

Out of my darkened room

When I do get online which seems to be a rarity these days I sift through the blogs to friends I am following and see what's up with them and what are they posting that I might find of interest. Lately the posts I've come across have been very disturbing. To some my heart goes out to them, to others I hurt for the drama and the unfairness they're being dealt with and dealing with that I'm appalled at. I tend to get off track in my musing and hit some that I want to bend over and just laugh because why? Because what's being said is complete contrary to what I know and believe to being the truth and that hurts the most. Now I know why I just stay away and will continue to do so.

What's gets me is how can people be so heartless and so cruel to stomp on others feeling without giving a fawking shit as to the damage they can cause just one person by their actions and their words? :shrugs: Worthless souls in my opinion. What's the matter? The truth hurts don't it? Fawking deal. I've dealt with so much bullshit for months now that I'm fed up and frankly I'm fawking ecstatic not to be part of the bullshit and people's dramas anymore in certain online areas. It's like a breath of fresh air. A means to ending the hurt. A way of finally healing. It's fan-fawking-tastic! Try it sometime!

I have few friends and the ones in my life know about me inside and out and I cherish them with all that I am. They know who they are so names are not needed. I've been open and honest with them from the getgo and I feel a sense of peace having done that because there's nothing and I mean nothing that you can tell them that they won't come back and say that they didn't know that. They DO! They accept the Real Me and in turn they get that same courteous and respect in return.

People and I'm calling them that and being polite for ONCE in my life and not resorting to unkindly terms, have tried to bring me down, make me feel less of a human being than what I am and did their goddamn best to make me feel smaller of a person than what I already am at a height of 5'5. Well guess what? I'm done with it all, I've gotten back on my feet staying away from the drama, the bickering, the pity parties and most of all those that can not accept others for being WHO THEY ARE by saying one thing and when you turn your back pulling a 360 on their words. In truth I feel sorry for these individuals. I'm over it, I'm done with it and I've learned a hard lesson, but I've come out the wiser.

Having said that and it is the long weekend I plan on getting the hell outta dodge and spending the time with my family that's been helping me heal old unwanted wounds and take much need TLC time-outs like I've been doing for many weekends now. To my friends have a great weekend yourselves. You know how to reach me and I will reply to you, otherwise yammer when I get back. 

CIAO folks.

P.S. I like expressing what I feel through music and what I'm thinking at that given time or rather this one so I'm posting these songs by one of my all time fav groups. 


  1. *Dancing around* Isn't it great when someone exits your life and then you realize that it was one of the BEST things to happen to you, because if they hadn't left you'd be caught in THEIR mess?! I'm so glad that you realize that! Woohoo!! *Twirls cowboy hat* Have a great weekend you!! I'll miss you. *Realizes probably won't talk to you for a while. Pouts and sits in corner with arms folded* LOL.

  2. I agree with Veronica. I find that to be very true in everything from past.

  3. Thanks Luc very much and Vic before you even have a chance to miss me I'll be back to pester your arse :grins:

  4. Sid, you know that we love you...Stay true to who you are and know that each of us has your back Demon *hugs tight* And know that know matter where we are or what we are doing I will always protect you with my wings my friend *wraps wings around you*