Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 2011

     IF anyone has ever truly loved someone the way they were meant to then you will understand what I'm about to say. I love my Wolf with all my heart and soul but I feel him slipping from me. He has told me that I won but then why do I feel like I have lost him? I am so ready to cry my heart out but I know that I can't do that. That I must remain strong without any sign of weakness. I just wish I knew what to do right now? I feel like my heart is breaking and I can't stop it from happening. But at least I have the memories to help me get through life. And I stretched out my dark wings and flew for the first time and even though the flight has been bumpy as hell it's wonderful. Now I just await his decision about whether or not he still wants me and it's the wait that kills.


  1. Angel, if the wait is worth it hun you'll get through this. I've been through the waiting and worry and the feelings your going through. Can I say it'll be okay? Um, honestly no I can't but, I can say that when you are done with the wait you'll take it from there and be happy. It'll be worth it I think.

  2. I really hope things will go better: keep believing Angel. The wait is worth it, isn't it?