Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 2011

     Hey everyone,

          My Wolf wants me safe. I told him that I wouldn't leave his side and that the safest place for me is beside me...But let me ask everyone this. How much can one person take before they snap? I mean I have taken more than any normal person would take from an ex. But this is no ordinary ex..This bitch is truly psycotic. She has taken just about everything that I brought with me and now is burning it. All because she wants me away from my Wolf. He asked me early this morning why I was still here? I told him honestly that I love you. Normally I would have left but this is worth the battle. I have looked at this type of love my whole life. I have search for this once in a lifetime love my whole adult life and now that I have found it how do I walk away from it? Answer is I can't walk away. It will take the Reaper to pulling me away from my Wolf. And I know now that my time on this realm is almost coming to an end. Reason is this psycotic bitch will try to take my life. Yes I have reported to the local police they do have warrants out for her arrest. I can not get a order of protection because I do not have a place to stay. I know Sid will say different as will a few of you. But I have come to terms with my death but I just want my mate safe before my time to return to the shadows comes to pass. But let me leave you all with this for thought: When you find the love that only comes around once in a lifetime will you be able to pay the ultimate price? Love you all *hugs everyone*


  1. Simple answer to you dear walk away with your fingers laced with your wolf's and get the hell out of dodge the both of you...see ex's aren't ones to deal with it's keeping you and your wolf safe that matters the most...You might have come to terms with your death but no one else has or would...simple as this walking away isn't an option unless your love walks away with you.

  2. Ty Lucy/Kat..My Wolf will walk away with me. We are just waiting until after his courtdate in November to leave and we have a few options on where to go once we leave here. :)

  3. Just call me Kat...Angel and that is good that he'll be going with you...I am glad that I read your post from today or was it yesterday eh I'll figure it out anyways...stay strong until then and after that and through it all