Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 2011

     Hey everyone,

         Hope everyone is doing all right? I do have my mate back :). He was released on his own recog on Sept 15th. But we go back to court on Nov. 7th, the first two charges (driving on a suspended) were tossed out. So all we face are the battery charges. Now for the rest of the story, he never once committed the battery charges with his psychot ex. She was the one that committed those on him. He was just defending himself against the fat, ugly sow. Sorry not in me to be nice to her anymore. She has threatened my life on many occassions. And yesterday was the most horrific of the death threats. She threatened to set a house on fire with me in it. Among kicking my ass on a daily basis. She thinks that 'real women' have to fight with their fists. But a 'true' woman walks away so that's what I have been doing is walking away from her. She even wailed on me until my wolf stepped in between her and me. But the one 'death' threat she will do is if my wolf and I have any puppies of our own she will make sure that I lose our puppy and then she will make it to where I can't have any more puppies with him. These threats I don't take lightly. So I have already made a report against her now I just need to get to the courthouse and file a restraining order against her fat, ugly ass. Which I am hoping to do soon. That and to turn over all the info that my wolf and I have on her to his PD or the prosecutor...Love you all *hugs my co-bloggers*


  1. Do what you have to do. Keep your head held high.

  2. Ty Lucy/Kat...I have also gotten to the point of just no caring what happens to her anymore. Guess that sounds bitchy but it's true.