Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Out!

It's time for me to take an undetermined length of time leave of absence. I'm dealing with some shit right now that's having quite the profound impact on me. I wasn't gonna post anything at all and just vanish for a while, but questions get asked and not all of them I'm willing to answer so just don't ask anything more than what I will tell you here. You want to know how I'm doing? That's fine, but do leave it at that. 

I'm still trying to come to terms with an eleven year old boy committing suicide to top that off my Doc has starting reduced my meds and it's playing mind fawking havoc with my emotions and thought patterns, but he says it's only temporary and my system will adjust over time. I'll tell you it's pretty damn harsh. It's like being on a never ending sugar high only to crash. Hard. A lump was found behind my ear just behind the lobe and I'm scheduled in a couple weeks to have it removed. With all this shit on my mind I'm not sleeping well and my eating has gone to shit like there's no tomorrow. It's bad enough I don't live to eat, but rather eat to live which already isn't often. I'm a java freak and I tend to live off that to muscle through my day. 

My contributors to this blog are already aware of my pending absence which will commence once this blog posts and I'm leaving this in their capable hands. They are more than capable, I have every confidence in them and they come highly qualified to be posters. They are my rock, my shoulder and ones I can reply on when the going gets tough. Like it is now.

So take care, CIAO and see yeah around at some point.

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  1. I'll miss you but, you need the time out Sid ~Hugs tight~ Get yourself under control and back to a good point before you come back. Just know we love you and we'll hat when you come back. Take your time I'm sure everything will still be around when you come back. Talk whenever we can again.