Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 22

 "What the hell?" Nikolas’s quick reflexes acted on instinct and with one long arm he grabbed the shorter man around his waist to keep the man from tumbling headfirst at his feet. “Easy there,” he grumbled while he tried to keep his feet planted. Damn kid about brought them both down. Fine scene that would make.
“Oh, oh!” Kyler’s wild arms and legs were everywhere at once. “Ouch, Jesus you have arms of steel now don’t you? Let go! You’re squishing me.”
“Bloody hell, can you just sto...” The man in his arms started squirming, begging to be let down and incidentally his arm was rubbing up against Nikolas’s crotch. He groaned. An erection he hadn’t felt in days, weeks, months even, began to overwhelm him as his cock swelled rapidly. Nikolas hurt so damned much right then from said erection that it was begging to split the seams of his leather pants. His raging anger was the only thing that kept him in check and sane. “Knock it off!”
“Oh? Well, aren’t you the growly one? You know you’d be way more handsome if it weren’t for that fierce look you have.”
Nikolas glared at the smart-mouthed package he held in his arms and snarled.
“Uh, sorry?” Kyler squeaked. “But it hurts. Actually it’s throbbing.”
Nikolas groaned and agreed fully.
Glancing below the larger man’s waist, Kyler then realized this man knew not what he’d actually meant. "Mind out of gutter, chump,” he point down to his ankle. I meant my ankle. Now, do you mind putting me down? Just my luck! I just got here. What's the use of going through the hell of wandering around lost in this damn place only to find myself at the feet of another Master? No way, no how. Not tonight!"
“What?” This young man in his arms was clearly drunk or something. Who the hell said anything about being this one’s Master anyway? Timeworn boots clicked against the marble tiles of the large room as long slender legs sheathed in black leather stepped to a chair to sit the man down on it. “Buddy, if you’re looking for a good time, this isn’t the place to look and I’m not the guy for it.”

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