Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 24

“You okay, Ky?” Ashton asked, getting down on one knee to look at the subject at hand. “I gotta tell ya though, you two look great together. I saw you stall when you looked into his eyes. Amazing color, right?”
“We do not! I did not!” Kyler swallowed hard. “And I think I only twisted it, that’s all. I’ll be okay, but can we just go home now? Please.” This big, dark-haired god was about as rude and obnoxious as all get out. His damn ankle hurt like hell. He looked at the top of his friend’s head to see it turned, looking at the big, buffed, growly guy, and gasped when he caught the green eyed beastie eyeing him back.
“Busted!” Ashton said laughing. “Did you see him looking? He’s so into you. Kyler, trust me okay? I know you do trust me and that man there?” He pointed at his boss over his shoulder with a backward thumb, “He’s a really great guy. He’s my boss, actually, but my point is he’s a Master and you couldn’t be in more capable hands. If you play your trump cards right he’s one hellova great guy and a perfect master for you.”
"So you say," he snapped. "Look, I didn’t come here to get hooked up."  He paused and admired the man's attributes and unconsciously licked his lips, "I'm not looking for a Master either and I'm damn sure not looking for your boss." He nibbled on that lower lip now and whispered, "He has amazing green eyes, though. Is he always that difficult?” Kyler whispered to Ashton while he stared at the tall and beautiful man. He couldn’t help admiring the defined muscles, tall straight posture that screamed leader. His definite downfall and this man carried every single attribute he admired in a man.  
“He isn’t the easiest boss in the world. He hollers at everyone.” Ashton commented as Nikolas started a heated argument with the other Master. “Try working for him. He’s making life in general really hard on himself. Kyler, look I know you and Nikolas are right for each other. Just give him a chance. He needs you as badly as you need him. He just needs that stick that got stuck up his ass removed and you’re just the guy to do it. I love you both; I just wanna see you happy. Don’t hate me, okay?”
“Hate you? I loath you right now, but…” Kyler rolled his eyes at Ashton. Could he really take this one final leap? What if it all went to shits ville…yet, what if this worked. He sighed inwardly and he internal banter. He’d planned on leaving after tonight anyway. Right? “I’m such a fool. Maybe this once…”
Ashton slapped him on the back, almost toppling Kyler head first off the chair. “You won’t regret it. You’ll thank me. You’ll see.”
Kyler poke both of Ashton’s cheeks, “Don’t hold your breath.” He just hoped Ashton was right or he’d live to regret the day he was born.

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