Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 21

“I’m not sure about this.”
Ashton took a hold of the shorter man’s wrist and for measure gave it a yank. “Oh come on. We’re just going in for a drink or two and have a look around. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.”
Kyler snorted, “You’re too damn vanilla. They’d eat you up.”
“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had sex?” He stopped and knocked on the door. “Too long, and right now I’m wiling to undergo a spanking for it. So, let’s do this.”
Almost at once the door opened and Kyler yelped as Ashton pulled him in.

“Jeez, I swear that guy at the door was going to do a butt search,” Ashton huffed as he drug Kyler behind him towards the set of wooden doors at the end of the hallway. “Would you stop pulling against me already? There’s no turning back from here.”
Kyler’s heart, or what was left of it, pounded within his chest, feeling like it was looking for a way out. He tried to talk, but his tongue refused to leave the roof of his dry mouth. And with as tight as Ashton was holding him, he no longer felt it. All he could do was follow his wicked friend down the twenty foot hallway towards the big wooden double doors. The closer they got the louder the music grew, and the harder his heart worked at finding a way out. There were Masters on the other side of the doors. There were men who wanted nothing more than to strip his ass naked and hurt him, and here he was going right on inside.  
Ashton knocked at the locked door and turned to smile at him, giving him courage, or something like that.
“Let’s not do this, Ashton. I can’t do this. I…”
His words were cut short when the door opened and they were immediately surrounded by waves of warm lights and music almost giving a sense of comfort. He followed blindly behind Ashton and apologized to everyone he ran into, no thanks to Ashton who was almost running throughout the establishment. In and out of tables and around people who seemed to be standing in the way no matter what way he was drug.
“Come on! I see a clear spot in the back.”
“Would you slow down, I’m gonna fall dammit.”
“Holy fuck I think someone just patted my ass!” Ashton hissed in excitement.
Kyler laughed. “No, that was my foot kicking you in the ass to slow the hell down. We aren’t in a marathon.”
“Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus!”
Kyler watched Ashton’s head to see where he was looking, not that it mattered, he couldn’t see over or around him anyway. “What?”
“Those guys over there? One has the other tied to a rack or something and he’s hitting him with a whip. And over there…holy shit! How in the hell do you do this shit?”
Kyler stopped. “You are such a prat.” He dug his heals in and pulled his arm back. “Seen enough now? You are so worse than a tyke in a candy store! Now can we leave?” he yanked on Ashton’s sleeve back in the direction of the door.
Ashton looked up over the crowds and shook his head, pulling Kyler back to his side. With a grin he said, “Not a chance. We just got here. Now who’s being the prat?”
Before Kyler had an opportunity to do anything, say anything, he was being dragged again deeper into the interior of the establishment. He didn’t even have a moment to look around. Not that he really wanted to, but still. He would admit, feeling were returning and not all of them bad, but that still didn’t fit into his comfort zone.
“Here we are. Damn, this place is huge and so full. I didn’t realize there were so many guys into the scene. Come on over here.”
All Kyler could do was what Ashton wanted.  It was that or get run over by a really big guy and his little sub that happened to be crawling on all fours being led by a leash. All Kyler could think was, ‘no way.’
“Thank the gods he didn’t leave.”
Ashton turned to look at Kyler. “No one,” He turned back to where he’d been staring. “Let’s just see about this,” he mumbled once again yanking on Kyler’s wrist.
Kyler growled when Ashton yanked him once again and tried pulling away but his strength, or lack of, wouldn’t stop the now trotting Ashton. “What is your…” Suddenly he was let go and due to the momentum they’d gained during their flight, Kyler plummeted ahead. He tripped over someone’s foot and screamed

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