Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 26

For the first time in months, Nikolas had at least the illusion of privacy here at the club. The only sounds and smells he’d have to endure were his or his chosen sub for a few hours. It was a minuscule improvement in the grotesque melodrama his life had become, and he was grateful for it.
Here, he thought he wouldn’t have to guard himself so rigidly against the emotions that kept sweeping over him. Nikolas looked down at the gorgeous man with the black hair and…was that a purple streak? smiling up at him expectantly with lips begging to be kissed. Nikolas had to admit that the eyes staring at him were captivating, a bright brown with flecks of green, lined with color. Was the liner purple too?  Nikolas was partially stunned, but captivated by the younger man. He could get lost in… All that just changed in a split second. He was already lost.
Peering up at him through the dark shagged bangs that covered his eyes, Kyler brushed a few stray strands from his face. "It seems we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Kyler. And you are?" He reached up, hand open, for a handshake.
Nikolas, avoiding his outstretched hand, just stared. "Not, your Master,” he replied with a mild amusement that failed to disguise his distrust of this farce.
“Your eyes are like precious green emeralds full of suspicion.”
“Do what?” He backed away a bit when the black haired guy, or was it really black, Nikolas couldn’t be sure, began laughing. Not a full out belly laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. No one laughed around him like this. What an odd little guy.
"Your name is Nikolas."
Nikolas nodded his head once in acknowledgement.
"So you see, Master Nikolas." Kyler motioned to him. "I’m Kyler." He motioned to himself. "Confusion over."
Looking around them, Nikolas’s eyes darted in different directions as he began scanning their surroundings. “I get it now…This is some fucked up joke and I’m on candid camera or is it that show: Punked?”
"I can assure you it’s neither. I doubt anyone's near dumb enough to trip over someone’s foot in this place other than me." He shrugged. The corner of his mouth tugged up, revealing a small dimple. Kyler moved his ankle and hissed. “Ouch, it hurts all the way up my leg. That was a stupid move.” 
Hands came to rest on Nikolas’s shoulders then snaked over broad shoulders to wrap around his neck from behind. He looked up with a jerk.
Stevie smiled down at him.
Nikolas started to stand, but the arms wouldn’t budge, then the other man’s chest pressed to his back, “Oooh my big, tough Master Nikolas. Don’t get up. It’s not every day I get to be on top. So, where have you been and how did you slip by the front desk without me seeing you?”
“Hello, Stevie. You knew I’d be here tonight.” Those well manicured and painted pink nails on him. Stevie wasn’t just the cream of the cream with flamboyance; he was the top of the crop. Long brown hair to his shoulders was brushed to a glossy shine. A cutoff tank top revealed a pierced belly button adorned with a diamond which sparkled like his witty charm, and was matched to the tightest little mini skirt this side of Toronto. The outfit was topped off with purple shiny leather boots, which rode high up to reach mid thigh. A nice little package, if that would have been Nikolas’s thing, but if he’d wanted a chick, he would have remained straight. Many women had proposed their intension over the years, but the sexual appeal just didn’t hold. He just didn’t swing that way. They are great to have as friends, but not as sexually long-term partners. But who was he trying to kid? He found this more than appealing on Kyler. The whole attire suited the guy and still left most of it to the imagination. He was doomed already.

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