Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 23

“Hey, boss man.”
Nikolas spun on his heels as he was about to attempt crouching down and assess the young man only to come face to face with Ashton. With a shocked expression he didn’t bother acknowledging his greeting. “Ashton, why are you here? In this club of all clubs!”
“I thought I’d come by and see how you’re doing.”
“How the hell do you think I’m doing,” he growled.
“Well this place isn’t exactly forbidden you know. Me and Kyler came to have a drink, mix, and mingle. You know, the usual...” 
“Leave,” The single abrupt word was all he seemed inclined to say.
“I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see. We’re here now and not going anywhere. Why don’t you have a drink with us? Set aside the boss and employee for one night and do the friends having a friendly drink deal. We can even forget the serious list of bullshit that runs longer than your leg.”
“Spare me the details and leave.” Nikolas’s tone was cold, distant. “Tough as it is to believe, Ashton, at the moment I have other things on my mind.”
“Boy oh boy, do you ever.”
Before Nikolas made an attempt to get clarification on that snarky remark, he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. Exhaling he turned to find Master Dominique standing over him with a smirk. “And to what do I owe this honor?”
The older Master raised his brow and said, “A moment of your time young Master. We have something important to address and it won’t wait. After you.”
Nikolas rose to his feet with an angry snarl. Maybe he should have listened to Braxton and gone to China instead. He gave one last threatening look at Ashton that promised hell and followed his ex-Master.

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