Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Since we've somehow wound up on a poetry kick thanks to Scrappy, I've found three poems that my dark, deviant mind has written in the past and on one I actually won in a contest. See if you can guess which of these three won.


Feel the heat of his breath upon your skin
Feel the flutter of his fingers from your trim waist, up your arms to the clef in your chin
Feel the moment he controls the strokes without letting you come
Feel the power radiate to the point you are numb
Feel the whip as he wields it with precision and accuracy
Feel the dominating touch of his intimacy
He’ll make you beg
He’ll make you plead
He’ll make you whimper, cry out for mercy
He’ll make you NEED
It’s the power of the Master


I whistle lethally threw the air
I burn you with my pointed licks
I give you unlimited endless pleasure
I also give you unbearable pain you will feel down to the roots of your hair

I will worship your skin like a heated lovers caress

I can mark you to my satisfaction
I can make you bleed
But I will always sing by your reaction
Without you I am nothing and it is you I will always need.


Hearts of Steel in the afterglow
Hearts that beat with a steady flow
Hearts to remember
Hearts to forget
Hearts that are easily broken, but yet,
Hearts can always mend
Hearts will pump the blood stronger
harder faster
Hearts are fragile, easily trampled, easy to bend,
yet after an endless moment stranded in time and as you grow...
Hearts remain steel in the afterglow

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