Saturday, May 28, 2011

It was one of those days...

Now that I've calmed down and I'm somewhat more relaxed I now feel comfortable in posting about the week I've had. It wasn't pretty and the picture somewhat depicts what went down on Wednesday morning at exactly 6.34am accept I wouldn't put myself as the old lady behind the wheel of the car, but more the guy that was.

Who would ever expect that you'd wake up that morning, which was no diff than any other morning, get dressed, look forward to hitting the drive-through to grab a cup of your fav java to start the day before heading to work and have someone else sprawled across the hood of your car when you least expect it. 

So first I'll 'splain what happened this way I have it written somewhere when I need to recall it in front of the judge when I go fight the ticket and I am fighting it with the aide of my traffic cop bro-in-law who says that I should. I was slapped with a $150.00 ticket for 'Failing to yield to a pedestrian'.

I DID make the proper stop at the stop sign when I exited the java shop and why wouldn't I because I was about to go East bound and had to cross lanes going both ways with morning traffic of all those others needing to get to work to start their day. So, no cars coming, nobody crossing at the walk, I take my foot off the break and hedge forward and next thing I know a jay walker appears out of nowhere and I can't see a damn thing cause he's covered my windshield and hood with himself and his java he'd been carrying. 

Shocked? I was stunned! I had to ask the dude where the fawk he came from cause there was NO ONE within my vision that I could gander crossing. So I go over to the guy who moved to sit on the curb and get him to show me his leg which he says is the only thing hurting. Not even a scratch on it. Not on my car either. Just a splattered sticky mess of java. 

Being the good guy even though I felt responsible I called dispatch at the cop station and explained what happened. I might as well have called 911 cause it would have amounted to the same shit. Within 10 (yeah I counted) 10 minutes I was surrounded by sirens of 3 cop cars, 1 ambulance and a firetruck. Don't get me wrong I love men in uniform but on this day? Hell no! I was completely traumatized and almost put my hands up in surrender. It felt like I was involved in a live Law and Order show and I was ready to be told: put your hands up and get cuffed for being a criminal. My legs shook, I sweat profusely and I shattered completely. They thought I'd be the one who had to be loaded in the ambulance. The guy I'd hit who said he was running for the bus stop told em all that it was an accident and no harm done. That I clearly hadn't seen him. But to me the pressure still wasn't off.

Anyhow to shorten this long arse story, I was slapped with that ticket, the dude that body slammed into my car is fine and out of harms way and I'm the one who went back home feeling utterly like I'd been the one to have gotten hit by a car. Hell I'll stop for even a tiny little squirrel to allow it to cross the street!

Anyhow that's been my week and I'm still recovering from it. Thanks for reading and please don't judge. I've already judged myself and my sanity over this which is very much not intact yet. 

Laterz Sid

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