Friday, June 29, 2012

June 2012

     Sorry everyone for not being on here but we have been busy with the birth of our daughter on Father's Day and all. She weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz, 20" long. She looks just like her daddy from the black hair to the gyspy blood and the Native American heritage. She was born at 12:38 EST. If we had left any later then she would have been born at home which would have been funny but not as funny as if she was born on the side of the highway and seeing her daddy play catch lol. He gave the most beautiful name Kitiara Tatiana. She is our beginning and of royalty :) Natural childbirth SUCKS big time!!! So fellas before you give your ladies any grief and start to make moo sounds and all just remember when the time comes for them to give birth make sure that they don't grab a certain part of your atanomy *winks wickedly*
     Our Kitty is going to be a very special little girl not to mention she will be a very gifted child as well. She is already daddy's little girl not to mention she already has him wrapped around her pinkie. We just can't wait to finally get her home where she belongs. Will try to post a pic of our Kitty as soon as poss :)


  1. Now THAT is too kewl for words! CONGRATS Angel to you and Daddy O!! And a huge huge welcome to the new l'il member of your family.

    She didn't have my name but :shrugs: no hard feelings. Love the name that papi chose for her anyhow.

    So uuh how long before you think that l'il cutie of your cast post? :snickering and my own joke: