Thursday, June 14, 2012

Niggling wiggle in my mind....


As I came onto FB after, finally, a good day both   physically and mentally I seen something that brought a wiggling unusually rational thought to mind.... How complacent, yes I said that exact word, we have become as a whole to just how far we as a PRIDE supporting world have become.

Case in point:

On FB a damn good friend of mine put up a share of this flag supporting the month. Even in reading the originators comments and my friend's I saw there were people who either put down the poster for not stating a full support of all sexual types or that its supporting the victimizing and division of gays/lez/Bi/trans gender/ect.. Or worse that its based on the cultural edict that we should be ashamed. 

Yes I said it, ASHAMED. 

Well... I wanted to share my response to that. Not for ups or anything... but because the true reasoning needs to get out there and be remembered for what it really is for. 

The past, why's, and continuance... 

If you disagree, so be it, but get that in today's society if people think these things; and yes there are many that do; then we are hurting and regressing right back into that dead-bolted shell we've spent decades and longer crawling out of. - Especially since the hateful comments came from actual gay and lesbian Fb'ers. ~ oooh yaaah... 

My response: 

(starting off from the comment on Pride's encouraging victimization and division of homosexuals, and a comment on Pride based on being ashamed.)

Dunno about that, it may make us stand apart, but being that Pride has been a bridge to bring out those that before could never even think to admit or speak and wave their flag of who they really are, I think personally its a damn good thing. It and other acts like Pride have opened eyes and doors to change our culture in so many ways most, now days, forget where and how it was back in the day. 

Think on how many singers and artists, athletes and actors, major movers and shakers had to hide and fake relationships just to get by. Remember just what it was like for some joe back in high school or regular dude or chick on a job when people found out. They'ed end up beaten, outcasted, or worse dead. How many suicides... that was a different world. 

Now days we find out and cheer or roll eyes and mutter, 'knew that' or like 'daaamn, there went my wet dream. Its almost nothing... Sure sure there are bad apples out there, but the percentage is dropping drastically.(*coughs* even in the 'bible belt - not in the note) All of that bag of major hot cheetos is due to things like PRIDE and working hard to put the 'its safe' image out there. 

Just like all the links and vids dedicated to gay or lesbian teens. I personally have 2 right now and you know what? One has a ma who is so apposed to it she went postal on the kid's older sister for coming out a few yrs back. Back when it was only midiocre to come out and be strong about it. Back when they started the teen vids. Now my little niece is coming out like her sister, but as Bi and that sweet thing is standing so strong she's almost ready for whatever gets thrown at her by her ma and like haters. 

She's 12, and that's showing just how much change has come. That she feels safe to be her and strong enough to battle whatever as she grows. 

- I know this is long... but sometimes we get blinders as we look at the new and safer world that is around us; our gay waiter wearing pink or moving with flare, the major film hotty kissing her girlfriend the deep throat on national tv, shows about fams with gay marriages and weddings while adopting, heck cop shows like SVU doing SLs on gay or lez rape and we as a whole feel so strong there are a million FEEL BADS and DAAAMNS by "normals" in under a minute via comments all over the boards carrying it and the actual station... 

Remember back, everyone, its a whole new world forming around us, and what was lost this year in the battle for equality will be won in yrs to come. Blood sweat and tears back the whole why and flaring flag on PRIDE. 


So... in closing, remember and embrace it. I may not be one of the chosen, but I have a ton in my family and friends, obviously, and I totally do embrace and support. Its no different than being black, Am. Indian, hispanic.. a purple spotted green alien from varuka 10. Equality is Equality. Every man woman and child deserves the same respect. 

... and those in the life or skin shouldn't throw stones, all you do is hurt yourselves. 

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