Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Art of Breaking... Coming SOON!

I've had this written for at least a good year! I'm ashamed that I've been procrastinating on it. My joy of reading has gotten in the way. As I had promised and vowed to myself and a good friend, I'm currently now doing the edits for my new M/M story I have written. YAY! Go me! It's NOT getting published since I don't enjoy endings and this way the story will never end unless I choose it to. 

Here is a picture of MY idea on what the characters look like to me when I write them and a summary on what I'm going to be posting. The top pic is Nikolas and below him is Kyler. It won't be all at once, but rather a few pages every other day is my thought. 

I hope everyone enjoys it and feel free to leave comments. Please.



As an assassin and the leader of an elite team of Special Forces agents it's up to Nikolas to see to the safety, well being and welfare of his team on every mission. His goal? To come out successful, mission accomplished and their lives intact. Nikolas has made one wrong mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. As Nikolas recovers from a mission gone horribly wrong he doubts himself and his abilities at being a leader, a Dominant and Master.

Kyler who looks younger than he is age of 21 years, has been around the block one too many times with the wrong Master and vouches never to get himself put into that position again, but one chance encounter, a blind date set up by a close friend will change his life. Or will it? Could he learn to trust again? Only time will tell.

Will these two men be able to set aside their personal issues and give in to the explosive chemistry between them that consumes their every breath or will the enemy that is pursuing them forever tear them apart. 

Content: Mild violence, D/s, dubious consent, snarky submissives and a ton of hawt M/M steamy sex.