Thursday, December 27, 2012

A whole new world...

That's NOT a song peeps. No, not for me. Nu uh!

FOR ages I've been on Facebook and on Goodreads and I've, sorry to admit this, but limited my knowledge to just those two circles. Besides here of cowse. But a sweetheart I know sent me a request for G+ and I sat there and scratched my mop of messy hair and wondered what the hells is that? So after mucho debate I went in and thought: What the heck. I'm gonna see what it's all about. It's way mint and easy to connect with friends and authors. I'm enjoying it so far.

THEN a few days ago while I'm sitting back and enjoying the holidays someone says to me: 

Person: Hey, do you TWEET?
Me: As in Twitter? Why would I do that? 
Person: Cause it's fun (with a shrug)
Me: "Well I don't know." me the ever so thought I knew it all, but I'm still clueless and most things that I will NOT admit to and plead the Fifth asks: Does it cost anything to be on that?
Person: who snickers and laughs at my expense says: HAHA no it doesn't. It's free! F.R.E.E. (as IF I need it spelled out for me!)

SO I've been giving it a go for the last 4 days and can I say WOW! I've gotten to know new people, connect with old, keep updated on what's happening with my fav authors, musicians and just... anybody you want! Oh and there's this wee lad, Raiph... So fawking adorable! I've got the hang of understanding his every word, but it took me a few to get the hang of it. If you're ever in the Tweet zone you'll get hooked easily 'nough. I am!

I'M outta here since the tweeting has one slight downfall effect... it's taking me longer to get through a dayum book! 

~B~ Over and out :salutes:

P.S. Isn't this nice what I woke up tah this morn? NOT!