Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Child Thief by Brom

The Child ThiefThe Child Thief by Brom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read this book and take a journey with Peter Pan into the land of Never Neverland? I think not if what comes to your mind is the fantasy Fairytale that we all know of as we were growing up as a child. Instead the author Brom encourages us with every detailed word to take sis trip into the land of beautiful horrors. This book is not playful, beautiful, yet it is full of magic, trickery, deceit, revenge and filled with unimaginable nightmares and horrors beyond the imagination. Brom epically creates a story of Peter himself and also centers around Nick, one of the boys the Peter abducts and takes him into a realm through the mist. A realm that Peter takes children that have been abused, abandoned and runaways. The question you'll ask yourself is were these children better off?

The read is not a light one. I read pages upon pages of death, greed, treachery, cruelty. I found no humor, but only sorrow and I came to a point where I realized that although this book is one of the most amazingly creative books I've read apart from a few others, that might heart did not soar. My heart plummeted to a pathetic low and broke a millions times over as I went from page to page.

Brom brings to you a side of THIS fairytale that will hit you full force in a way you would never have in your wildest dreams expected.

Readers, don't be fooled go into this story! It's not a romance, a fun read. Oh it's fun in it's own morbid way! Although I enjoyed this book to maximum capacity, there is in my sole opinion no HEA. It's a story with a spectacular and glorious beginning with a horrific end. I kid you not. 

Two thumbs up and a highly recommended read. If you dare :winks:

Brom is very highly talented. His drawings are majestic and therefore I attach some of his illustrations in the video below.