Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 13 & 14

*** SORRY for slacking. My health issue has been kicking me in the arse so I'm posting 2 parts for those reading. Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoying this story ***

Kyler’s big eyes were going to pop right out of his head. “Black Eagle?” His shaking hand froze on the door handle. “I’ve only heard about this place, but never been. You do realize it’s a BDSM club, right?” He looked over at Ashton who was grinning like a kitten who got his milk. Oh! The nerve of that man! “You totally planned this! I_I can’t go in there.” He sputtered.
Ashton opened his driver’s door and climbed out of his Jeep with the grace of an ox. “Get out. This is my night with you and this is what I want.”
Kyler broke out in a cold sweat. There was no way he could go in there. There were Masters and subs and...things. Since his last break up with Master Jerk he’d avoided all things associated with the life he so desperately needed. He glanced at the double steel doors and the glowing ‘Come In’ sign. “Ashton, I can’t do this, lets go some place else. Please?”
Ashton appeared on the passenger side, opened the door, and said, “Get out. I want this. You do too. You just don’t know it yet.” Shoulders hunched, he gave Kyler the kicked puppy dog look.
“What about what I want? Oh shit,” he replied, always a sucker for the look Ashton bestowed upon him. “You so owe me for this. I am not looking to hook up with anyone. You got that?” He got out of the black car and licked his lips nervously. He wiped his hands against the legs on his tight low rise jeans and smoothed his skin tight white tee down. “Now I know why you wanted me to wear next to skin nothing. You’re a jerk.”
“I know I am. And we’re not here for you to hook up. I just needed something different. And I want to show you off for the last time. Now, come on.”
"He'll die. That much I promise you. You don't need to concern yourself with when or how. I'll take care of it."
            The Master paced in his secluded room, a small room in the basement of an abandoned office at the edge of the wharf.
            "Although, I wouldn't mind your suggestions, you always were better at these things than me. All that training you had..." He grinned, looking at the darkest corner. The image walked out of it, still handsome, still alive.
            "I knew you'd never leave me. We've been together for so long, you would never abandon me."
            The image smiled at him then leaned his back against the wall. "So, how do you want me to precede, my love?" He grinned back, rubbing his palms together. "I think I'll start with driving him mad, hinting to him of his own death. What do you think?"
            His companion thought for a moment, then shook his head.
"You don't think that would work? He doesn't look like he'd be afraid to die? No, you're right. He won't be." He thought for a few moments, pacing the short distance between the two walls. "What about...No. That won't work either."
            He pounded on the side of his head, massaging it every so often. "I don't think I can do this without you." He turned to his companion, who was now nowhere to be seen.
            "He called you again, didn't he?" The anger rolling in his chest, he growled the last of his words. "Why can't he just leave you alone?"
            He grieved for his lover. His submissive. The only one he vowed to give his life to, the one who would serve him without blinking. "I didn't mean it...please come back" He whimpered, crouching back to the corner. "Forgive me if I upset you, I didn't mean it!"
Burying his head, the Master pleaded for his submissive. "It was his fault! He was supposed to protect you and he took you away from me!" He paused, thought for a moment, rocking his fears away. “He...if I kill him, you would return and we could be together again like it was meant to be." He laughed a laugh bordering on hysteria. "You would take your rightful place again by my side, my boy."
            He got up and paced once again, now more determined than ever to finish what he started. "I'm coming for you." He grinned as he followed the trail of his thoughts. "And you won't be able to escape me! Not this time!"
            The maniacal laugh pierced the air, rolling over the peaceful waters of the wharf.

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