Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 16

The scent of tomato sauce, buttery crust and lots of different meaty toppings announced nourishment at its finest. Pizza box in hand, he went to the oldest wing of his house. Moving to his desk made out of mahogany wood, he laid the flat square cardboard box on his desk and sunk down into the comfortable leather seat while opening the lid, breathing in deeply. A smile spread across his face.
"Now, that's what I call food."
After he’d inhaled the first two slices, he booted up his computer. Nikolas put his head down for a moment and closed his eyes. He was tired and cranky and his eyes hurt from straining in the light. He let them rest a moment as his mental complaining subsided. Only later, when it was over, did he finally pick up his head and look up the screen.
Nikolas scrolled through his emails, snorting in disgust at the spam with the offers to: enlarge the size of your cock. “I don’t think I have anything to worry about in that department. I don’t need no miracle grow. Asswads!” Self consciously he glanced down at his lap. If anything, his size freaked most men out which is why most of his subs were well accustomed or he gave pleasure without indulging himself and handled matters on his own. “What?” he chuckled at the ones on ‘Getting it up vitamins and VIAGRA. The click of the mouse deleted those and deleted most.
Nikolas’s attention was riveted to that one email. From: Black Eagle. Subject: Invitation. His jaw dropped. He stared at the monitor open-mouthed as he stopped eating. Tension throbbed in the silence that followed. As he sat in his large leather chair, a rumbling noise much like a growl grew in his chest. Feeling blood begin to boil, slowly he expelled a breath; eyes fluttering closed for a brief moment, and concentrated on his disbelief. Opening his eyes, he scanned the contents making sure he hadn’t been mistaken and read it wrong the first time.
Pushing his chair back, standing abruptly, Nikolas began to pace one end of his office to the other. Doing this vigorously and frequently in past years was starting to do some serious wear and tear into his plush beige carpeting. “I can do this. No, I can’t. Who would have the audacity to send this? Why me? ”
His mental bantering was giving him a migraine. As long as he didn’t answer himself, or they were sure to have him committed to the psych ward for going off the deep end. Stopping at the large bay window, groaning out loud only caused a severe ache in his chest, which no amount of rubbing would alleviate the ache which no amount of rubbing would alleviate the pounding. His pain would always be there, but maybe a night of distraction from it might not be so bad.   

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