Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 17

Still warring with himself, Nikolas dropped behind the wheel, staring out the front windshield. The key hadn’t yet been inserted into the ignition and already the palms of his hands were even beginning to sweat. Second thoughts still assailed him. “It’s one night. Have a drink; see what this is all about. Maybe it’s a hoax and you’re getting played for a fool.” Starting up the engine was a milestone, popping in a CD to volume to level 8 and the tune blaring out, “I could be just like you,” by Faber Drive became a blessing." Rubber burned as foot hit the petal, putting it to the metal and tires squealed as he pulled out.
Nikolas reached for his cell phone and punched in the speed dial code for Black Eagle. Within seconds a soft voice purred on the other end from the car speaker. Bluetooth was the best invention yet. “Black Eagle, how may I help you this evening, Master Nikolas?”
“How…? Call display right?” Nikolas asked him with humor in his tone, though he felt none at all.
“I could say it was the heat of your breath coming at me through the phone, but I’d be shamefully lying, wouldn’t I?”
“You would be and you know what the punishment for lying is, Stevie.”
Stevie giggled. “Master Van would give me a spanking I wouldn’t soon forget? He’s a real stump off the old block, but he makes me purr, sugar.”
Nikolas smiled in spite of himself. Silence waited between them for several long seconds. He stretched his neck in an effort to chase away the tension building there. “Careful, Stevie. He’s a hardcore ball crusher is more like it and very stern with his subs. Anyhow, book me a room for tonight. I’m headed there now.”
“I knew you were going to say that.” Nikolas heard the tempo rise in Stevie’s voice. “I’ll get right on that for you, handsome.”
“Thanks. See you in fifteen, tops.” Nikolas cut the connection.

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