Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24th, 2013

     Hey everyone, I know I know....

      There are some updated pics of the little one. She just turned 1 on June 17th. She's trying to help me out here. btblmlm
]//] V FYgyiyjmkjmkim u  That is from Kitiara "Kitty". My mate and I are still trying to get her home with us but that seems to be far away. In the process we lost our home, I lost him for a few weeks, you name it and we are going through it all. Even his psyco ex is attacking me again saying that "You don't deserve to be a mother." "You don't deserve to have kitiara" "You are a whore" and so forth. She even wants me in my grave. Now she's offered us her new apt just so we can get our little one home. I flat out told my mate that if you do take her up on her 'offer' then it's my death warrant that you sign.
     Anyone wants to know something, I'm not afraid of her or about what she can do to me. I just want my little one safe from her. Considering she thinks she's a better mother than I am and everything. But what mother goes out and does cocaine to lose 50 lbs? What mother leaves her son to do whatever she wants? I told my mate that maybe this bitch is right about me. Maybe they all are? I just don't know anymore?  There are times that I just want to give up and walk away from my mate and our daughter. If it wasn't for him and everyone here I would have been walking the plane of shadows. Love everyone here...*hugs everyone tight*

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