Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012

     Hey everyone, Sorry that I haven't been more lately...But you all know how it is when you are dealing with Docs and apps and a lousy connection. Well here is some info on our little pup. The baby's heart is fine which was my main concern. Had the Fetal MRI done and the results were abnormal. But no matter what happens this little one is going to be so loved that he or she won't know what to do about it :). Now come to find out the clinic where we have the ultrasounds done at want to use me for a human guinea pig and run more tests on my and the little one. But my Wolf told them in no uncertain terms that there will be no more tests on us and that I don't need to be stressed out over the possibilities which is very true. Because the more stressed I get the more stressed he gets and the more upset he gets also. Baby's heartbeat is 150 and normal. The clinic had me talking to a counselor which actually helped me. I hadn't realized that I was under so much stress due to the fact that I don't have no contact with my daughters and everything else. Yeah, I do miss my girls more than I thought but I am slowly finding out bits and pieces of info from my family about the 'living hell' that they are in. IF I could go back and undo what I did believe me I would and they would be home where they belong. Now all I can do is help get them out of the mess that they are living in because of me. I love you all *xxxxxxx everyone*. I am still writing so don't worry I will try to get the stories that I have completed posted up soon :) Writing right now is about the only thing that does keep sane and helps me to work out my rampant emotions anymore. Hopefully my emotions will start to settle back down again. BUT if I know my Wolf he's already informed me that well....we'll be back in the family way again *giggles* or that I will be in trouble after the 6 weeks is up *giggles*

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  1. happy mothers day to you i just caught up with reading the blog. even an exspecting mom gets a happy mothers day. i hope you are resting well