Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A vet visit from Hell!

Aaaww isn't this fawking cute or what? My furball Desi is allowing my pet hamster who by the way is named Mooshie to sit on him, crawl on him and do whatever the hell the l'il rodent wants tah do. Don't laugh at the names. I even have a budgie named Cookie :snickering:

THAT was till tonight. I've now named my furball Cugo. I'll shed some light on that particular reason. Said furball contract a slight infection in his ear. Needless to say I had to take him to the vet. I'm still sweating bullets and my blood pressure has sky rocketed beyond the normal levels. 

Said cute l'il furball made the cats in the flick Pet Cemetery look like a walk in the fawking park :swiping away the sweat:  HE went from being my cute, furry cuddling sleep on my feet in the bed puss to the most vicious feline I've ever experienced in my entire life. He turned on everyone. The Vet, her aid and even had me backed into a corner saying my prayers to any animal god that would listen to PLEASE tell my puss I wasn't there to harm him, but to make him better. Wish I could've spoken cat lingo. It required the two of THEM cause I sure as fawk wasn't going near my ever so sweet puss to throw 4 large towels over him and muzzle him to check inside one small ear cavity for infection. Low and behold the infection did exist and knowing I wasn't getting near CUGO with antibiotics she gave him a shot in the arse. All my begging, my pleas to sedate my little furball :jumping: who just now walked between my legs to go under my desk and made my jump two feet off the chair, went unheard. 

Maybe I should email Spielberg and say hey man, I have just the cat for Pet Cemetery 3 IF you're interested!  

I let him fester in his carrier for a half hour like the vet suggested before letting him out. All the while with my stomach in my throat, shitting bricks when I finally did open his door to let him out. Fear set it of him attacking me. Dropping some treats and dashing from the room, must have stopped him from any notions of wanting to attack me and I'm sure he's still thinking that if he could talk how he'd call me every name in the book and throw it at me for what I put him through. 

:sighs: My poor furball. Now I need to bring my heart rate down.

Laterz Folks!


  1. Aww the furball will be okay! Whoo sounds like no fun at all taking him to the vet! You'll be alright.

  2. RFLMAO!!!! Think I love Cugo Desi. Perfect mushy-gushy names btw *g*