Friday, January 11, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 4

Ashton, who kept his silence, scanning software, shook his head. He looked young, with his boyish features, although he stood at Nikolas’ height of 6’3, and his body was well built and incredibly muscular.
Nikolas still looked at him unconvinced. His expression hardened at the same time his voice became extremely polite, chillingly so. “By whose orders?”
Glancing down at where he looked, Adrian stooped to gather the fallen papers, fumbling with them. "Braxton’s. No one said anything about it to you?" He tried to pull one sheet from under his sneakers, only for the paper to rip. “Crap!”
Nikolas chuckled inwardly. In no hurry to return home, he leaned against the wall and folded his arms. Maybe had he powered on his cell phone and had checked for messages in the last twenty-four hours he would have known. He wasn’t impressed. On the inside he was seething. How dare Braxton just write him off to vacation time? 
“You know, this would be a good time to get laid, man. Lose some of that tension that has you walking straighter and muscles tighter than a corpse after rigor mortis has already set in.” Ashton tried to reason.
“In the interest of putting an end to that entire topic, I’ll add that I already do well on my own. Furthermore, I have no intention of adhering to the rules, now or in the future, by shackling myself to more responsibilities.” With his jaw set in a cool purpose, there was a confident strength emanating from every inch of his broad-shouldered frame, right down to the tips of his black boots.
A snort escaped from Ashton as he rolled his eyes. "I see how well you're doing on your own. Well, whether you like it or not, we got our orders and in no way I'm going back to the old fart and telling him what you just told us," eying him suspiciously, Ashton tilted his head, dark hair escaping from the lose pony tail it was pulled back in. "What exactly would you accomplish by over taxing yourself anyway? Are you trying to kill yourself?"
"None of your business, nosey Parker. And the order is from a doddering old fool who has long since lost his touch." Nikolas was already scowling as he watched Adrian approach.
The man whose dark eyes were drawn together in a scowl of grim displeasure looked about as malleable as granite. In one quick movement, Adrian was next to Nikolas, so close that he could smell his scent, as he pinched the paper from his outstretched hand.
Nikolas studied it as he perused the paper. Brushing back the one side of his leather coat, Nikolas put his hand on his hip and then regarded them both. “And if I say hell no?”
Ashton shrugged. "We’d have to say hell yes. Braxton decided you needed the time off and even the higher ups gave their OK on it. Got no choice, boss.”
"Hey, we’re not the bad guys here. And I could think of lots to do with that given time like cruise the bars, the clubs. I’m sure Black Eagle misses having you there.” Ashton flashed him a stunning smile, throwing his full charm on him.
Adrian leaned toward him and whispered, "I have a cock. Of course, Ashton has one too, but I don't think he would be into it because he’s not into your type of kink. I mean I could go home with you and we leave Ashton back here to hold the fort. Deal?"
Nikolas tipped his chin up and he spoke as if he could read his mind. “I don’t deal...I like it on my own terms, I don’t mix business with pleasure, and you are borderline business. You know it would never work out between us, Adrian.”
Nikolas’s disinterested shrug and brief smile dismissed all the other rational reasons for having Adrian go home with him.

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