Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 8

“For God’s sake, Kyler, you have to pull out of this self destructive funk you’ve fallen into. It’s been almost six months since that sorry bastard...”
“Just shut up, Ashton. God! Why do you always have to do this? I don’t wanna pull out of this so called self destructive funk. I just so happen to like it. As is.” Kyler looked at the red and black checkered table cloth, not willing to meet his friend’s gaze. He liked it, his ass! He hated it. He hated being alone, but he couldn’t bring himself to take that step again. Not once but twice he followed his instincts and ended up almost half dead.  
Ashton cleared his throat trying to get his attention, but he was doing his best to ignore him. “You have to start living again. You can’t let what they did to you control your future or your life. You have to take that step and move on. Kyler, I’m worried about you, that’s all.”
Kyler sighed and lowered his head even more to spot his purple Converse runners under the fifties style diner table they sat at. His favorite shoes matched the one purple streak in his hair to a T. He stifled a giggle thinking about the look on Ashton’s face when he first saw him earlier that night. His hair, which was blue the last time they saw one another was now a blue-black, short and spiked on top, ebony emo is what Ashton called him. Then for fun, Kyler ran to his room to apply more purple eye liner, may as well be coordinated. “Don’t worry about me. I’m going to become a monk. You know those bald guys who wear those ugly dresses and walk around the airport? Or maybe a hermit like in Lord of The Rings.”
“What?” Ashton, who was taking a drink of his pop, coughed and spit it out, spraying the table top. “That’s a hobbit and you’d have to shave all that pretty black hair off and hop around on one foot with a tambourine chanting some nonsense about something no one can decipher. I will not allow it.” Ashton grabbed a handful of napkins and wiped the tabletop. “They don’t have sex and I know how much you enjoy that.”
“Hermit, hobbit it’s all the same to me and beside,” Kyler growled. He never growled. “I’m never having sex again! Last time put me in the hospital. So, no thank you very much. Besides, my brother threatened to kill my next boyfriend. I think it’s better, and wiser if I don’t have one.”
“Your brother is in Alaska. Just don’t tell him.”

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