Saturday, March 5, 2011

Boys Don't Cry

Based on actual events, director Kimberly Peirce's powerful, often harrowing drama stars Hilary Swank (in an Oscar-winning performance) as Brandon Teena, a transgender young man searching for love and acceptance in a small Midwestern town. But even as he forges a deep connection with local beauty Lana (Chloƫ Sevigny), the prejudices of the community threaten to doom the fledgling romance.
Hilary Swank, Chloƫ Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard, Brendan Sexton III, Alison Folland, Alicia 'Lecy' Goranson, Matt McGrath, Rob Campbell
Kimberly Peirce
Drama, Gay & Lesbian, Social Issue Dramas, Lesbian, Fox Home Entertainment
18+ Violence including an intense brutal rape scene, sexuality, language and drug use
Warning: Full of spoilers. This is a complete review and critique of my views on this film. Read at your own risk.

I just finished watching this flick and I have to say not only did it destroy me emotionally, but I was appalled to realize how close to home this flick felt for me.

This story basically centers around Brandon, born a woman, but a man in every way from the way he feels to the way he thinks and sees himself. I say HE because you connect with him in that manner. His goal in life was to go through with the complete sex change operation that would complete him and obliterate any gender confusion. They don't show this, but it's told how at one point you figure out for a short time Brandon was committed to a psyche ward as being crazy for being who he is. This is not shown in the movie.

In this case Brandon is ran out of town by homophobes although he is to appear in court for car theft. In another town, to him another life he tries to make friends and fit it. There he finds understanding and love by one woman that falls in love with him, but that soon winds up short lived and the ending is no HEA. It's shattering and will bring you to feeling crestfallen and in tears. To say I'm currently distraught is after viewing the film is an understatement. 

Being transgendered myself I was able to connect with Brandon on more than a spiritual, soul searching level. You might think to yourselves what's the difference? Let me tell you something: Being gay, lesbian you might think that it's no different than being Transgen, but that's where you're wrong. Gay is a man/man, being lesbian is woman/woman, being transgen you are fawked up and you are trying not only to go through life being accepted, but also coping with who you are. Gay and Lesbians are born to enjoy and prefer their same sex, and this is not to put them down because I complete support and stand by my brethren, allies and friends from my GBLT community, but they don't have the problem of being born in the wrong body and and trying to figure out who you really are. Are you male or are you a female? Should it even matter other than accepting us just for who we are, the way we are no questions asked? Are we gay? Are we Lesbian? Are we all Bi? The rational was to view this would be if we had been born in the body we felt right being in and dating the proper sex wouldn't that result is us being straight? Hmmm Now that's food for thought.

I'm no longer going to hide who I really am. I had in the past and trusted someone with this information only to have it used against me. This person who I thought supported the GBLT community was not who she said she was and I was made to think of myself as lesser of a person than who I am. I refused to allow them the upper hand and wind up in the same place that Brandon ended up in. 

Anyhow check out this movie if you will, but be warned it's not for the faint of heart and I hope it helps those that are still not understanding what being a transgen is and still accept us into this world and be able to still call us/me a friend.

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