Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everyone's ManEveryone's Man by Edward Kendrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was an easy, light read for me. Nice casual story of a whore and a cop, but hadn't started out that way which led me think it would be the whore and the doc at first but takes quite the turn and twist later on in the story. The whole idea on the plot as it thickens and how it pans out is brilliant and well written even though I'm one to like action and drama and a little more added would have be a bonus feature. A few more pages is all I would have been contented with.

The author for those who are sensitive to reading certain material contained in a story handled this to perfection. We basically got the vivid picture of what happened to Colin without get the full Monty word for word of what events actually took place leading up to the traumatizing rape. I can highly appreciate that.

Throughout the story I had come to really feeling the connection between Marc the doc and Colin and thought Bill was going to get the boot, but it turned out he settled with Dane the cop in the aftermath. I wish I could have felt the connection between both men and I believe I would have had they had more time in each others company and not just a few days. What I'd like to see is another book in order that i may establish just that between them and finally connect both men as a great couple that was meant to be.

All in all good story and I enjoyed it.

So... let's hope for a second book shall we? :winks:

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