Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you serious???

I have this lady friend at work. She's a manager and her and I are practically joined at the hip. If you know what's it's like working in an environment where there's more chicks than dicks and you have to watch what you say cause the littlest thing will make it into the Gazette well you learn quickly how to pick and choose your friends. Who to confide in and who not to. Company politics are the worse sorts of cluster fawk gossip stations. I swear these people have nothing better to do and need to get a life. 

Anyhow, Mel, and I will name her for y'all cause she deserves to be mentioned here, has been a friend, a shoulder and lately has taken it upon herself to be my keeper :snickering: She's always feeding me (do I look thin and scrawny to you?) or buying me something. anything from a person sized teddy bear that I've walked into work to find sitting in my office chair to Converse runners which I have to say are pretty damn coolio to even boots(Baby Phat). I'm stunned if that's even the right word, but her latest antic of shopping has thrown me for the proverbial loop. 

Mel, text my Blackberry lastnight to say she was out shopping. I should mention that her being a manager she's also out in British Columbia with the others and she's a shopaholic. The chick won't pass up on a pair of shoes, a top, purses, tops or pants and needs a huge walk-in closet for those alone. Anyhow, sliding off base here... She says: I bought you something you're gonna love. Aaaw with an eye roll and then my eyeballs popping out of their sockets to see the attached picture of what she did get me. Now tell me would you wear that?? It's cute, it's adorable, but knowing it's a gift she expects me to wear this next winter. Would you wear it?? Someone just shoot me! 

Here's the pic for your viewing pleasure and make your day and my dearest chick friend Mel is posing in it for me. :groaning in anguish:

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